Hardbacks and Specials
Her Klingon Soul (Day of Honor #3)
Day of Honor (Day of Honor #5: The Episode)
Fire Ship (Captain’s Table #4)
Captain Proton

The Regular Series
01 Caretaker
02 The Escape
03 Ragnarok
04 Violations
05 Incident at Arbuk
06 The Murdered Sun
07 Ghost of a Chance
08 Cybersong
09 Invasion 4: The Final Fury
10 Bless the Beasts
11 The Garden
12 Chrysalis
13 The Black Shore
14 Marooned
15 Echoes
16 Seven of Nine
17 Death of a Neutron Star
18 Battle Lines
19 Dark Matters Book I (Cloak and Dagger – Due out November ’00)
20 Dark Matters Book II (Ghost Dance – Due out November ’00)
21 Dark Matters Book III (Shadow of Heaven – Due out December ’00)

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