Warning Signs and Dangers Of Alcoholism

Warning Signs and Dangers Of Alcoholism

Mild consumption of alcohol is pretty normal in most states. It is mostly considered and encouraged as a form of entertainment or fun. For this reason, mild alcohol abuse is also effortlessly ignored or overlooked in adults. However, it is found through most studies that what appears to be a mild or minor issue is basically what turns into extreme danger and restlessness with time. 

There are a lot of signs that can also be called warnings or red flags in terms of potential alcohol abuse. Most of the signs are recognizable, however, some signs of alcohol abuse might be more difficult to detect or identify in the beginning. This can lead to delay in treatments.

Moreover, the seriousness of alcohol abuse can also easily be overlooked when an individual consumes and drinks it secretly in private by isolating themselves from others. This habit somehow delays the process of identification and makes it challenging for the friends and family members to step in and help the addict.

In this article, we have not only discussed the warning signs of alcohol abuse but also discussed the dangers of alcoholism along with how to recognize and respond to it in a practical way. 

However, before you continue reading the article that mentions dangers, warning signs, and treatments of alcohol abuse, know that the first step to betterment and getting sober is to leave denial behind. Never choose to justify your drinking behavior. Also, be mentally prepared to have stages of relapse in the process and fight through them with your will power. 

Dangers of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse can affect an individual’s life and different aspects of it in a very disturbing way. From their personal life to their professional and social life by creating an array of issues. It can cause life-threatening consequences which include developing serious and potential health complications. 

For instance, if you refuse to have proper treatment and check-up regarding your alcohol abuse, you are not understanding and recognizing it’s dangers in the first place. Know that you cannot avoid the negative consequences of alcohol unless you get appropriate support and a productive life pattern from a rehab center. 

Recognizing Alcoholism

Before any medical check-up, other screening tools and strategies are used to identify alcoholism. The rehab center specialists opt to ask some very basic and logical questions from the patient that helps them to learn more about him/her. This is one of the many methods they use initially. It is called the CAGE method and is based on several questions. 

Mostly, their questions relate to whether you feel guilty or ashamed of your habit or not, or if you try to justify it and defend yourself or not. Others include whether you get mad when someone gets to know about it and if it’s the first thing in the morning that you need or not. 

Other tools and strategies used to recognize alcoholism include the intervention of a medical professional that may follow the pattern of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and Mental Disorders (DSM).

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