The Most Effective Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home

The Most Effective Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home

Coronavirus is spread through droplets from infected person’s spit or cough. These droplets may fall on the surfaces where other people touch. If the other party touches the nose or the mouth, these droplets are introduced into their respiratory system. Therefore, cleaning surfaces is one of the best way to break the cycle. Here are some of the best ways to kill the virus at home.

Clean and Disinfect

Health experts recommend the daily disinfection of surfaces that are touched often, such as doorknobs, light switches, tabletops, keyboards, handles, sinks, toilets and faucets. With the exception of electronic items, clean other surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting them. This makes it easy for the disinfectant to work on the virus.

Avoid Mixing Various Cleaning Agents

Each cleaning agent has specific ingredients and mode of cleaning. There is a high chance that some ingredients may react with others in the other cleaning agent. This may lead to the risk of skin irritation or formation of poisonous gases. Therefore, use one type of cleaning agent at any time. In the same line, check the manufacturer’s directions on the usage on the label for the best results.

Use Bleach on Non-Porous Plastic Items

Small plastic items such as toys can be disinfected by dipping them in bleach for at least 30 seconds. Any other surfaces that might not be damaged by the bleach can get at least 10 minutes of exposure. The idea ratio for diluting bleach is one-quarter of a cup per a gallon of water. Check the label on your bleach for the best diluting portions. Be warned, bleach can irritate your skin and lead to chemical burns. Therefore, avoid using it as a hand sanitizer or soap.

Using Alcohol to Kill Coronavirus

Various forms of alcohol, including the popular rubbing alcohol, can kill the virus. It is okay to dilute alcohol with water. However, the alcohol concentration in the mixture should be at least 70%. You may add glycerine or aloe Vera oil to protect your skin but be mindful of the proportions.

Pure alcohol (100%) evaporates too fast for it to be used effectively. However, a 70% alcohol solution can be left in various surfaces for at least 30 seconds before wiping it so kill the germs. You can use it on your phone screen, tablet or any other electronic devices. The high alcohol concentration may be harsh on your hands, and that is why it is not recommended as a hand sanitizer. However, alcohol can remain potent as long as you keep it sealed between uses.

Keep Your Home Clean

Like any other germs, coronavirus is more likely to spread on dirty surfaces and most disinfectants may not work effectively in such conditions. Besides, a dirty home is likely to be infested with various pests. Apart from the virus, these pests can also spread a variety of other diseases. If you notice any pests whether cockroaches, termites, black ants and rodents such as mice, contact Excel Pest Services for fumigation.

Consider Regular Professional Disinfection

While you can disinfect most of the surfaces that you regularly come into contact with, you may not effectively disinfect each surface, especially the hidden ones. It is recommended that you hire a disinfection service regularly to ensure that there are no pockets where the virus can hide. This is vital, especially if there are people at your home with flu-like symptoms, or there has been an outbreak of the virus in your area.

There is no single most effective method of dealing with the virus. Use several methods together. Remember, you can only beat the virus by avoiding contact with suspected infected persons, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces around your home.

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