What Size TV Do You Need For Your Room??

What Size TV Do You Need For Your Room??

As television is a basic necessity these days. We are living in an era where the market is flooded with different brands and different sizes. Many of us do not consider television size according to our requirements, but we choose it on the basis of affordable prices. But, is it the correct way??

Obviously no. It is important to consider the size of television which should be decided according to the room in which it is required.

Other factors which are to be considered are listed below:


Initially, it is important to know that television is measured from one corner to the opposite another corner diagonally.

Next, it is important to consider the resolution of your TV.

This is because higher resolution allows you to sit closer to your television. This means that you can sit closer to a 4K TV than you could see a 1080p TV. This is a crucial factor that has to be considered when thinking about the screen size because you can sit closer.


Considering the size of the room in which the TV will be kept is important. Until and unless the furniture in the room is not permanently fixed to the floor — and you’re in favor of moving it — then you have some relaxation in selecting the size of the TV you are buying.

One more question is to be considered that whether you plan to set up the TV by using the stand or will choose a wall-mount to hang it. The choice of using the included stand to set the TV will let you place your TV on a table or an entertainment unit which will be placed and closer to the viewer, which reduces the viewing distance. Be very sure about both, that is, the height of the TV stand and whichever furniture you are planning to set your TV on.

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Hanging the TV on the wall can even sum an inch or more to the viewing distance, which also creates a difference between a 60-inch TV and a 72-inch TV model. It solely depends on what kind of mounting you prefer and the thickness of your TV, your screen will be hung a few inches from the wall, but the specifics may differ from one model to the other one.

What’s comfortable for you?

A particular TV-watcher sits at a distance of 9 feet away from the tube, which brings the level of comfort factor: Most of them like to sit far enough from the TV so that the pixels are not counted in the equation. So, do such experiments when you are placing your new TV, and it never goes in vain when you get a bit higher than what you expect you’ll need. You can check out the review of Sceptre U550CV-U, this TV model is available in different variants.

Whether you’re buying a TV for your personal needs or for your professional needs, you can easily figure out the required viewing distance with just a few calculations.

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