What You Need to Know as a New Dental Patient

What You Need to Know as a New Dental Patient

When asking your family and friends what to expect during a first dental visit, you will likely receive mixed reactions. The quality of service and cost of care contribute significantly to the assessment of your first visit which is why many choose to go to Falcon Dental Group.  

Make an appointment and arrive early

Before walking into a dental facility for the first time, whether you have a dental problem or having a routine check, you need to find out if an appointment is necessary. It is best to make the call a day early so you can confirm the steps you need to take.

Early arrival is crucial so that you can have time to provide the required information, familiarize yourself to the place and get to know some of the staff. You will also have time to relax, especially if you are nervous.

Your medical history is important

Whether this is your first dental visit ever, or if you are going to a new dental facility, you need to have your medical history ready. The Dentist In Flint will want to know your current state of health, any past health issues you may have had, the medications you are on, if you have any allergies, and if you drink or smoke. 

If you are changing dentists, you should ask the previous dental office to send your dental records to the new dental dentist. This way, the dentist will know your oral health history, including the treatments you have had to date. 

Have a list of your oral health concerns

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Most dentists are ready to allay your fears about oral health. As a new dental patient, this is your chance to find out everything you can about oral hygiene. Discussing dental issues before developing dental problems will help you protect your teeth from cavities. Taking preventive measures will keep your teeth healthy. You will also avoid costly dental procedures.

Does your insurance cover dental care?

Dental care is not cheap, especially if you need several procedures. Before you visit the dental clinic, you should find out what payment options are available, and if your insurance coverage includes dental care. If you are insured, ask what the limit is. When you visit the dentist, you should ask about the cost of the various treatment options.

If you can’t afford to cover all the costs at once, but can do it over time, ask if the dental facility offers payment plans. Having all this information will help you assess your finances, and steps you should take to ensure you include your oral health in your budget. 

Don’t be overwhelmed if your dental problems are worse than you thought

Your first visit can be overwhelming, especially if you have gone too long without seeing a dentist. Unfortunately, many people wait until they get a toothache to visit a dentist. If you have too many dental issues, don’t panic. The fact that you have made this first appointment means you’re ready to fix the existing problems.. 

Dental visits are uncomfortable, especially when the dentist spends a considerable amount of time probing your teeth and gums. Your teeth have an impact on your well being. You will smile, talk, and laugh confidently when you have clean, healthy teeth.

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