10 Tips To Choose Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

10 Tips To Choose Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

Though all want to choose the best for themselves for all the endeavors in life, IAS Exam leaves absolutely no scope for any kind of recklessness at all. You are to prepare giving your best concerning every aspect of the preparation.

Why be extra careful while choosing the best IAS coaching in Delhi?

There are multiple reasons that require you to be extra careful while choosing the anIAS coaching in Delhi. The major ones are given below:

  • Almost unimaginable competition: Every year witnesses a huge rush of the IAS aspirants moving to Delhi. The reason behind the shift is none other than to prepare for the IAS Exam. There is a tremendous increase in the crowd moving to Delhi almost every year. It obviously makes the competition for clearing the Civil Services Exam from hard to harder.
  • Exceptionally detailed UPSC syllabus: The syllabus that UPSC prescribes seems to be a never ending one! So, it’s advisable to get yourself enrolled in a competent IAS coaching institution rather than thinking to prepare for the Exam on your own.
  • UPSC allows only the highest of the rank holders to join IAS: Even if you qualify the Prelims, clear the Mains, and the Interview successfully, UPSC would allow you to join IAS only if you are among the highest of the rank holders.

Now, it all makes it very obvious that joining IAS is almost aHerculeantask!

And that explains why you need to be extra careful while choosing the UPSC coaching in Delhi.

Howto Choose the best Civil Services coaching in Delhi?

Choosing the IAS coaching in Delhi is not as easy and simple a process as it might seem to be at the first instance. Here are a few tips to choose the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

  • Every IAS aspirant has unique requirements: All of the IAS aspirants study the syllabus prescribed by UPSC. They are required to qualify the Prelims, clear the Mains, and face the Interview Board.

However, like any other individual, an IAS aspirant has unique requirements of his own that need to be catered to so that he can face the Exam successfully. An aspirant might not be able to move to Delhi in order to prepare for the Exam. Another one might be having a full-time job that he cannot resign from.

Thus, an online coaching for IAS or the one offering a Distance Learning Programme would be suitable for such candidates. Yet another one might be too poor in English. So, such a candidate should be looking for a coaching institution that teaches by means of Hindi medium as well.

  • Seek the opinion of the former students of the institution: It’s highly advisable to seek the opinion(s) of the former students of the institution. What has been their experience? Ask them:
  • Were they provided with the competent study material as per the UPSC syllabus?
  • Were they kept continuously updated with all the latest developments taking place concerning the current affairs?
  • Were the Test Series competent and up to the mark?
  • Were their queries solved promptly by the faculty members?
  • Was the strength in every batch such that the faculty members could pay individual attention to all the students concerned?
  • Was suitable mentorship provided as and when required?
  • Did the faculty enjoy a good hold over their subject?
  • Was the faculty well experienced to equip the IAS aspirants in a competent manner?
  • Were the students provided with suitable support even after the completion of the course before they actually faced the Civil Services Exam?
  • Werethe students allowed to interact with the previous students of the institution who had already cleared the Civil Services Exam successfully?
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Apart from the questions listed above, make sure that you ask the former students all the relevant questions in order to ensure that you are getting yourself enrolled in the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

  • Do not succumb to the peer pressure: Though you may communicate to the former and the current students of the institute to get the required information, the truth is that most of the students do succumb to the peer pressure. If you are swept off your feet by what your friends and acquaintances say, it’s very likely that you would not be opting for the right kind of the IAS coaching institution, let alone the best one.
  • Ask for the demo class:Merely talking to the faculty is far from being sufficient, it’s good to ask for a demo class. It will give a clear idea of the expertise and experience of the faculty, apart from their manner of teaching. Though, it can be argued that simply one demo class does not serve the purpose. It does not give you a fair share of the idea of the knowledge and experience of all the faculty members. However, it’s advisable to ask for a demo class before you finally decide to get yourself enrolled in the coaching institution.
  • Ask for the maximum strength in the current batches: In case, the strength of a batch is more than what can be attended to by a faculty in a justifiable manner, there is no point in getting yourself enrolled in such a coaching institution.
  • Get to know about the faculty: Ask the coaching institution you are thinking of getting yourself enrolled at, if the faculty has any experience of coaching the IAS aspirants? If yes, how many of the students successfully cleared the IAS Exam? Besides, the faculty members must also have an exceptionally good hold over the subjects they teach for it is none other than the IAS Exam.
  • Enquire about the study material: The study material plays a highly decisive role, and cannot, and should not be taken for granted. Besides, ask if the study material is continuously updated as per the UPSC syllabus.
  • Current Affairs: Knowledge of current affairs is highly essential in order to prepare well for the Civil Services Exam. So, make sure that the coaching institution you have been thinking of getting yourself enrolled at not only provides the suitable knowledge of the current affairs, but also keeps you updated.
  • Test Series: Enquire if the Test Series provided by the coaching institution is continuously updated, based on the current patterns of the IAS Exam, and competent enough by all means, to help the aspirants equip well to clear the Exam.
  • Mock Interviews: What are you going to qualify the Prelims and clear the Mains for, if you fail to clear the Interview finally? So, it would be sensible only if you ask whether the coaching institution you have been thinking of joining does provide efficient and competent Mock Interviews or not?
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Last, but not the least, the coaching institution should provide you with all the support needed till you actually face the IAS Exam, no matter, even if you have already completed the course.

However, it should never be forgotten that it’s you who has to clear the Civil Services Exam to join the IAS. Thus, it’s best not to ignore any consideration that might be important to realize your goal. The tips given above would definitely be of use. But, it would be wiser to consider all you think may make or mar the realization of your ambition to join the Indian Administrative Services.

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