4 Effective Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Small Bedrooms

4 Effective Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Small Bedrooms

A cluttered and mismatched bedroom is inevitable, especially if you tried to move things around your bedroom with an attempt to create more room for your belongings. Fortunately, there are various tricks you could pull off to achieve a cleaner room space without the need for a complete room makeover.

One of the things you have to keep in mind when organizing your bedroom for better storage is removing the things that don’t belong in your room. Old magazines, old clothes, finished books, and other items that you don’t need anymore are the main reasons you’re running out of space. Aside from that, they also collect a lot of dust.

When it comes to reorganizing your bedroom, you should also consider utilizing all of the things you currently have in your room. With that in mind, you have to think outside the box for you to maximize the use of your existing storage space truly. Here are the four effective ways to maximize storage space in small bedrooms for you to get started.

Making the Most Out of Your Bedroom

Choosing a random type of bed that doesn’t help maximize space in a small bedroom wouldn’t help you decluttering for better bedroom storage. If you want a bed that’ll make the most out of your small bedroom, the captain’s bed or beds with a huge under-bed space provides you with various alternatives for storing items.

The captain’s bed consists of shelves in the headboard and drawers for the under bed storage. While having a huge under-bed space allows you to store items using boxes or crates with wheels to pull them out quickly.

Using a Drawer Dresser for Bedroom

Drawer dressers provide you with plenty of alternatives for storing items, such as everyday essentials, books, and personal items. If you want to achieve a minimalist design without using a bulky dresser, there are various designs of drawer dressers that combine a shelf with drawers.

The benefits of having drawer dressers apart from extra storage space are that their minimalist design doesn’t overwhelm the bedroom’s overall appearance. Keep in mind that clutter is also one of the main culprits of consuming space in small bedrooms.

Storage Cabinets

Since small bedrooms don’t have a walk-in closet, storage cabinets with the right amount of drawers are the best way to store all of your clothes and items. What’s important when choosing a storage cabinet is the design since the cabinet’s appearance can significantly impact the look and feel of the small bedroom.

Storage Benches and Chairs

Storage benches and chairs maximize the use of available space since they allow you to store items while maintaining their purpose. The typical chairs in a bedroom have four tall legs that leave a massive gap underneath the seat. But, storage benches and chairs eliminate the massive gap by providing you with hidden storage for items, such as shoes or blankets.


Maximizing storage space in small bedrooms can be confusing at first, significantly, if you don’t develop a creative plan that’ll help you with decluttering. Organizing your clothes, items, and everyday essentials will provide you with extra space, leading to a minimalist bedroom design.

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