5 Benefits of Playing Basketball for Kids

5 Benefits of Playing Basketball for Kids

Basketball games for kids are a great way of involving kids of all ages at the daycare in some common physical activity. Physical exercise is known to have great benefits for people of all ages. Playing sports releases “good” endorphins in the body which helps to elevate mood and promote feelings of emotional well-being. Moreover, participating and getting the opportunity to have minor wins will help to build a sense of belonging and achievement in the children.

 Let’s look at some of the significant benefits of Basketball games for kids while they are still young.

  •   Better physical health

By playing basketball, children’s gross motor skills will be developed, and coordination will be improved. Engaging in a sport like basketball will improves their fitness levels and help to grow their height. It will promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

  •   Mental health benefits of playing basketball

A regular 30 minute basketball session can help improve kids’ focus and mood. It can also help to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. This positive development manifests in fewer behavioral and disciplinary problems and greater levels of concentration and focus.

  •   Social advantages of playing basketball

Playing basketball will enable children to learn cooperation and teamwork, and easier social interaction and communication with children of the same age. This will enhance their overall social skills which are important at a later stage in their lives. They will also have a taste of winning and losing and how to handle themselves in those situations. It will also promote a regular sleep pattern, as the physical activity will induce feelings of tiredness.

  •   Basketball enhances cognitive skills development
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Playing basketball involves running, jumping, kicking and catching, and thus helps to build motor skills, particularly such as the hand eye coordination. Such sports help children to perfect skills such as retaining their balance and not falling down. 

Endurance activities involved in playing basketball at Macquarie fields childcare involve continuous movement of large muscle groups, increase the heart and breathing rates, and thus help to build endurance levels, and maintain fitness.

Since basketball also involves bending, and stretching, it will help to promote children’s flexibility. Maintaining flexibility ensure that they have a good posture and do not experience any kind of discomfort or pain.

  •   Basketball is fun and entertaining

Basketball is fun and entertaining

The advantages of basketball are not just limited to health and social benefits. It is equally important to engage children in activities which are fun and interesting too. Learning basketball skills will challenge and hence, encourage children to get involved in fun activities around them. If kids will enjoy a certain activity, only then they will engage in it.

What is the role of educators and parents in promoting basketball among the kids?

The educators and parents have a vital role in promoting physical games like basketball to ensure health and well-being in childcare and at homes as well. They can keep an open line of communication with children and with each other to provide children the opportunity to learn new sporting skills, and to practice new learned movements.

The teachers should identify children’s best talents and should hone their skills for an overall development environment in childcare. They can do so by initiating new courses or games at the premises. While, parents also have an equal role to play. They can encourage their children at homes to play basketball or any other sport for that matter, so that their child remains engaged at all times.


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It is therefore observed  that playing basketball games starting at an early stage can have a lot of positive impact on a child’s overall development. Besides an improved body coordination and physical fitness, children also learn important values like team spirit which is useful in the long run. At these daycare centres, these games can be structured and adapted to suit kids’ group ages and requirements.

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