5 Things a SERP Rank Monitor Can Do For You

5 Things a SERP Rank Monitor Can Do For You

The fact that SEO experts use SERP rank monitors daily is pretty obvious, as it is part of their job. But not many people know it can be useful and is actually used by many businesses, some of which are more focused on their physical locations then internet activity. 

This is one of the reasons why choosing the right SERP rank monitor is essential. Depending on your type of business, you might need it to have different features that will be useful in your particular field, be it a website, a YouTube channel, an e-commerce store, or even a restaurant. 

However, there are some things that almost every SERP rank monitor will be able, or at least should be able to do for you. If you want to find out what exactly, you just have to keep reading. 

Tracking Desktop & Mobile Google Ranks

Mobile sites and desktop sites use different algorithms. That’s why it’s essential to distinguish the two. A SERP rank monitor can do it for you. Furthermore, it has to do it, since Google ranks pages differently for users searching on desktop websites, and for users using the mobile site. Google has a unique SERP for mobile users. And in most of the cases (99% of them), the results will be different, depending on whether it’s the desktop or mobile sites the users are searching through. 

Tracking Google Ranks By Location 

Another thing that even a simple ranking tracker can do for you is distinguishing geo-targeted locations. Depending on where you physically are at the time of the search, you will see different rankings. Some rank trackers are so precise that they track them down to a specific neighborhood or even an airport. This feature is beneficial if you identify where your targeted audience is mostly located in, as those are the rankings that would interest you the most. 

Ranking Graphs with Notes and Comparison Option 

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Having a visual representation of the progress you’ve made in the ranks over time is essential. And the ability to place notes on it will help you in understanding the reason that caused your position to fall or rise, making it easier for you to be able to keep a better track of everything. 

Webpage Title Tracking

When you start showing up on Google’s SERP, your site’s title will be shown. Even if you thought about it carefully to maximize its CTR potential, on some occasions, Google could change or shorten the title according to its logic. A good SERP rank monitor will be to tell you how it is displayed in Google for any keyword that you track. 

Keyword Research Tools 

The growing demand for SEO services has to lead to many great numbers of SEO agencies fulfilling their business objective .so have chosen Dallas Seo Agency. you’re doing SEO, then you know that choosing the right keywords is one of the most important (if not the most important) thing that you will need to do. Keywords can make or break the whole website – even if what you post is excellent, you can end up on the tenth or eleventh page on Google just because the keyword you’ve chosen were not good enough. A SERP rank monitor will be able to provide you with some keyword research solutions, to avoid needing to use external tools and having to pay for it. 

What else can a SERP rank monitor do? 

Apart from being used to track your website’s ranking, the SERP rank monitor can also help you with, for example, your YouTube channel. Thanks to it, you can follow not only the rankings of your videos on Google but also on Youtube, as it has a unique ranking algorithm. Another website that has its own ranking algorithm is Amazon, which is very useful if you are working in e-commerce, as you can track your product’s position both on Amazon and Google. 

SERP monitor is a must-have for those whose website has an international or translated version, as Google sometimes tends to rank them incorrectly. The mentioned tool can track the exact webpage and not only the general URL. It will show you if a specific page is ranked in the right territory and language. You can also track the UI language of the translated version, as the ranks will vary depending on which language you’re using. 


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SERP rank monitor is a handy tool in almost any business, even if it’s not strictly connected with being active on the internet. Even companies that mainly focus on their physical locations use it. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right one, which will meet your needs. 

Before choosing any, you should do your research and read opinions online, especially if you have our eyes set already on one. It will prevent a situation in which you will have to invest in some external tools, which will generate additional costs. Good Luck. 

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