5 ways to beat procrastination when it’s only September

5 ways to beat procrastination when it’s only September

Now that everybody’s back in class (whether online or in-person), we can sense how frustration about studies returns. Seems like it’s too early to be exhausted with homework but you already systematically fail to get tasks done. Don’t want to let a growing to-do list spoil your life? We’ve selected a few ideas that may help you beat your procrastination and enjoy your life a bit more in these difficult times. 

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1. Get out into the sun 

You probably know that the level of vitamin D in your body is responsible for many processes, such as enhancing calcium absorption, letting you sleep well, and keeping you away from seasonal depression. September is the right time to enjoy the sun a bit more before it gets dark and cold outside. Pick up a habit of walking in the streets or parks after classes to let yourself relax and load your body with safe and mild sunlight. It’s a great idea to spend this time with friends or discover new places you’ve never had time to visit before. 

2. Join a new club

In this long and devastating quarantine, social connection is the thing we crave most. Deprived of our usual “live” communication, human touch, and embrace, we are twice as likely to burn out than we were before the isolation. If the epidemic situation in your area does not allow holding any large social events, join a small community or club with a few members. Take some sports or arts that allow you to hang out with other people in the same room while keeping a safe distance. It’s not as emotionally-rewarding as hugging or standing close to someone, still, actual offline communication will give you an instant sense of comfort and motivation to move on. 

3. Put both duties and leisure time on the list

Are you in a habit of canceling hobbies because your schedule is full with homework? Then you need to take rest just as seriously as you take studies. Find various enjoyable things to do and put them on your schedule for every day when you are done with homework. In case it takes forever to finish your papers, be sure to ask Rapidessay for help—professional writers will complete your task as fast as you need it. Don’t deny good rest to yourself: It is the only way you can recover from extra stress that is put on you in the classroom. 

4. Eat something marvelous 

Food is one of the very basic things that bring us satisfaction, and it is essential to eat something tasty every now and then. We don’t advise relying on burgers and soda in this article! Instead, we offer you to select a few various comparatively healthy foods that you love very much. It can be seafood, icecream, cake, or something your mother used to cook when you were a child.  As a student, you may not be capable of eating what you like every day. But remember to make a little feast once in a week, for instance, to keep your mind delighted with the food that you like most.

5. Study with friends

We know how hard it can be to force yourself into studying and we suggest that you can ease this burden a bit when on campus. It’s always a good idea to study together with friends—this way you can check each other’s knowledge, share studying materials, and brainstorm to find ideas. Time spent with your mates doesn’t count as torture, and you can actually manage to get more tasks done and beat your procrastination if others don’t procrastinate. You can also limit the time meant for studying and hang out together after you’re done with homework. 

Staying productive has very much in common with living a happy life. Treat yourself well and beat your procrastination, keep doing what you like, and you will see that the burden of homework doesn’t press on you anymore.

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