6 Reasons why public relations is important

6 Reasons why public relations is important

As defined by the Public Relations Society of America, public relations is a strategic communication process. Public relations is used as a tool to foster relationships between organizations and the community. It’s also a means of attracting attention from the public in a positive way. A good speaker would be able to do so through the use of storytelling which would surely help gain publicity from many channels for free. Lastly, small businesses can benefit from this with their small budgets and require not a lot of time. Here are some reasons why PR is so important for every company.

1. Public relations does not come with a fee

 a fee

When you have a good public relations system, it means that your company has been able to develop trust from your customers and your brand looks sustainable without having to splurge. Once your brand is stable and you have satisfied customers, there will surely be people talking about your brand to others. Word of mouth is said to have better results in comparison to advertising. If your brand manages to land itself a mention on the radio or the news, there will be more people looking out for your brand. Need help from a professional? Find the #1 pr agencies in England on Sortlist.

2. Increases brand visibility

Unlike food, things that are posted online do not have an expiry date. Any new articles tend to remain visible or are easily found in search engines for a long period of time. As time passes, articles are still able to gain exposure. Different links will still be able to refer readers to your articles at some point. To ensure that the Internet users are bound to stumble upon your articles, try posting timely, positive, and useful stories about your company on various channels and online platforms. By doing so, your company will be higher up in the search engine rankings which would help bring in more customers and increase growth. 

3. Better and more effective than paid advertisements

Would you rather trust an image you see on a poster? Or would you trust someone who has proven to be very helpful and trustworthy? The answer would most definitely be the latter. Statistically, public relations does 90% better than paid advertising.  People tend to be more attracted by, and open to information that passes through word of mouth. Additionally, good reviews can also be a way to leave a good impression on a new potential customer. As mentioned before, to be talked about in a positive way will do your brand much better than advertisements that you put out. 

Public relations is often better than advertising. Advertisements are paid for while the fruits of public relations are earned and are usually free or less expensive. Public relations is built on trust and creates a pool of loyal followers. Advertising puts your product out there with the message “buy this”. Instead, public relations focus more on the needs of the customers, which is what they would rather hear about and the product will be beneficial to them. 

4. Helps you to solve certain problems 

Having anyone comment negatively about your brand be it through word of mouth or online would not be beneficial for any company. It is sure to tarnish their reputation and could potentially end up in the loss of customers. Small businesses are not able to suffer from such things. On the bright side, when you have a good public relations system, problems such as the ones related to employees, defective products, or even lawsuits can be handled.  Be sure to pay attention to what others are saying about your brand and put nothing on the line. Good public relations requires you to always be mindful and careful about the brand’s reputation and image. 

5. Marketing activities can be elevated with public relations

With there being many companies out there which are providing services and products that are quite similar to yours, it means that competition is very high. In order to make your company stand out a little from the rest, it would not be shoving down more advertisements into the public’s throats. Instead, turn to public relations and gain the public’s attention. To do this, it would be very beneficial to have an effective and interesting communicator who is able to educate, inspire, and know how to tell stories in a manner that sells your brand. A good communicator is one who is able to place your brand on a pedestal that is still believable to the audience. 

Public relations is also another way to reach out to more people as it helps to spread awareness about your brand. Simultaneously, it generates a good impression of your brand. 

6. Works even in the long run

long run

To build up a public relations system within your company is not a problem. What needs to be taken care of properly is being able to get good journalists and influencers who are willing to speak highly of your company. With this being said, it would be very beneficial to build strong and stable relationships with these people. It is advised to dedicate a good half an hour to a full hour on purely public relations per week. This is especially so for start-up companies, it should be done for at least six months before you are certain that you will get mentions in the media. In order to make this happen, you must be able to have content that is deemed ‘newsworthy’. Creativity is essential. No one wants to hear something repetitive or boring. Having a good storytelling system is sure to draw a crowd and attract people to find out more about your company. 

Therefore, public relations is something that you should really have within your company. It helps to create a better reputation for your company while acting as a free means of advertising to a larger group of people through the mere act of sharing. It develops a sense of trust, making your customers willing to come back for more and more open to fixing issues that have happened in a less damaging manner. In sum, public relations is sure a win for your company. 


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