Adderall vs Black Tar Heroin: Effects & Health Risks

Adderall vs Black Tar Heroin: Effects & Health Risks

Many students today are tempted to use drugs like Adderall and black tar heroin to improve their efficiency in the tests & get relief from stress. Both of these drugs affect the body of the user in dissimilar ways, but overuse of both is injurious to health. 

This article aims to study the effects of both on the human body, by the end of this you will be able to learn what scientific studies have revealed about Adderall and black tar heroin and how often you should/shouldn’t use them.

What is Adderall?

It is an addictive medicine with stimulating properties. It alters the hormonal and chemical production in the body and helps to improve the condition for a given period. Generally, it is available in the form of a tablet or a capsule readily at many medical stores. But if it is injected directly in the blood or inhaled through the nose, it falls under the addiction.

What are the effects of Adderall on the body?

Adderall contains amphetamine which tends to wake up the user and stifle the appetite. It increases the focus and helps to concentrate on specific targets by controlling the part of the mind which deals with the hyperactivity and impulses. It triggers a fight or flight response which increases alertness, focus and clarity. 

Another benefit of using Adderall is, it improves memory. Research is evidence that people who consume Adderall in a minimal amount rarely often tend to have a sharp memory. This comes with outcomes in short terms because the memory disappears as soon as the drug stops working in the body,. so, it depends on how Adderall is in the system of the user?

Some people use it to stay up for a few days. All the staying up can help them to complete their task in time, but it is seen in the long run it can lead to an exhausting cycle of sleep deprivation and insomnia.

Risks of using Adderall

The overuse of this magic aid leads to many health problems. Such as;

  • It can decrease the performance in some people and put them on a higher risk to fall for drug addiction more quickly. 
  • It may result in exceedingly focused distractions rather than the actual task, which can be very disturbing for people belonging to all walks of life.

What is Black tar heroin?

Black tar heroin is an illegal and highly addictive drug. It is processed from morphine. It is sticky like roofing tar or coal and widely used and sold in Mexico and the US.

It is highly toxic and brings many disadvantages to mental as well as physical health.

What are the effects of black tar heroin?

The general effects include contentment, anxiety reduction, tension relieves, drowsiness and apathy. 

What are the health risks associated with it?

No matter if you use it for long term or short term, it is equally likely to experience an overdose and develop diseases and disorders. Some long term effects include insomnia, constipation and stomach cramps, liver and kidney problems, tissue damage, cardiac arrest, erectile dysfunction in men and irregular menstrual cycle in women.


The overuse of any drug is harmful to health. Here we discussed Adderall & black tar heroin, which if compared in the long run are highly toxic and recommended to use. However, safe doses of Adderall can be used after consulting with your physician.

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