Advantages of Print Media over Electronic Media

Advantages of Print Media over Electronic Media

Now a day with the advent of technology lots of companies and people reject print media thinking it as old school thoughts. Now the people of the digital age has given way to more efficient forms of media to gather information like online blogs, articles, and news.

However, the study shows newspaper print has way more advantages over electronic media. They have incredible advantages as compared to online information centers.

Magazines, leaflets, newspapers, and catalogs are the age-old tools to target your audience for marketing your product. Most importantly it leaves a long-lasting impression in the mind of the customer. Here in this article, we are going to discuss a few benefits of printed newspaper over an online newspaper.

Have a glance of the benefits of printed newspaper over online newspapers:

Things create a permanent impression when it is demonstrated in flashy printed form. Do you think electronic media can replace the print media? No never. The Top companies in the world like Ikeas or Williams-Sonoma will never agree. The reason being, they are getting a nice chunk of their success from manuals, magazines, catalogs and print media.

Vibrant photographs always help to construct an unforgettable inking in the mind. That is why it is always popular among consumers. Yes, it is handy and portable as well. Easy to grab the readers’ attention.

The further printed newspaper is usually an easy and affordable medium for getting information. You don’t need a computer, laptop, or tablet to get the information. Marketing through print media to spread awareness within a specific geographical area is a done thing.

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Though print media is good for expense management and easy budgeting, you cannot really put the information right to the mailboxes your prospective customers physically.

Another thing is that you won’t get a personal touch while using electronic media. Though the scope is significantly vast and flexible you cannot develop a good customer relationship using a print media strategy.

The higher version of electronic media like 3D imaging, animations, and the picture comes with a greater cost. Many companies and small traders cannot afford it. Se the below advantages of print media.

Higher Frequency of Viewing

Printed newspapers including brochures, flyers, and other physical pieces have a higher frequency opportunity of viewing as compared to any online newspaper or article. As it sits on a table or rack, people can see the information with no effort and the repeated exposures work way better than online ads. On the contrary digital messaging disappears after generating an impression.

Control over Appearance

In printed newspaper advertising, you will get complete control over the aspects like color choices, graphics, typography, design, and color. While in the case of Digital media it depends on the technology it is presented upon.

Embraces Readers’ Attention

Yes, it holds the attention of the reader. While we are sitting on a laptop or computer we generally open multiple tabs. We listen to music, seeing something else and at the same time texting to our friends while reading information. This is really distracting. Hence it is rightly said that the digital age has nearly killed the human attention span. Here while reading newspaper print media readers cannot multitask. So they can focus on what they see and be more receptive to the publication. This is the whole thing despite so much technical advancement why big brands still prefer post ads in print.

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Encourages Action

While using online newspapers or the Internet, generally people do not see ads. They skip it by pressing the “X” button. However, there is no such option in a printed newspaper. So may it be willingly or unwillingly, you need to go through the ads. Thus it is helpful for the traders to market their product and spread consumer awareness. Print media is the best thing at allowing you to target your audience.

No matter why there are people who simply like to play with the magazine pages and newspapers creating “dog ears”. A few have the habit of carrying the information everywhere they go through keeping a printed newspaper with them. Often when we are waiting in a dentist’s office we generally pick a newspaper or magazine and start reading. Even people are fond of reading a newspaper while taking a flight or an airplane. Not just for information but this reading material sometimes play an important role to relax us after a stressed day.

Many people feel digital things are more intrusive and distracting than print advertisements. The content sometimes comes suddenly with auto-play audio which genuinely disturbs the people all around you. There are places where phones, computers, and laptops are not allowed. You can easily spend your time with a printed newspaper without carrying an expensive gadget with you. So you can comfortably be with your newspaper without scrolling up and down.

Print publications like News paper is primary a source of credible and accurate information. The persons like reading printed News paper always subscribe to is as they understand and believe the worth of it.

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