Aliens on Earth – Myths, Facts, and Unending Mysteries

Aliens on Earth – Myths, Facts, and Unending Mysteries

There has been a lot of hype surrounding aliens on earth but no concrete evidence has been found as of yet. Do aliens really exist? If they do, have they ever visited earth? Let us consider what we know so far and try to satisfy some of our curiosity.

Humans have always been fascinated with other life forms on earth. Science and extensive research have led to the identification of thousands of species but none of them have any close resemblance to human beings.

Earth consists of a variety of flora and fauna, but humans are the most evolved species. We haven’t found a sign of other intelligent beings on earth. This has led to more curiosity about unknown species, especially extraterrestrial beings. There is a possibility that there are intelligent beings in outer space. But what if you found out some of them are on earth right now?

Pop culture depicting aliens on earth

A large part of curiosity regarding extraterrestrial beings stems from media and pop culture. Several comics, movies, and shows revolve around aliens and their existence. It is believed that apart from earth, the universe has other planets that are home to aliens. These creatures are intelligent, in fact, they are believed to be superior to humans, and have distinct appearances. Most storylines follow a similar pattern – aliens from another planet establish contact with humans and save them from upcoming doom.

Movies have depicted aliens on earth in different ways – some have big, elongated faces, some are green in color, some have additional body parts, and so on. Pop culture tends to appeal to us all and build curiosity. When we share it with other people, it increases interests and that is how people want to explore more.

There are many people who like to know and find out more about aliens. These alien enthusiasts satisfy their interests in various ways. Some create art to depict what these creatures look like. While some write literature depicting their interpretation of aliens. Some form theories and conduct their own research. Some people form groups and try to establish contact with aliens. Aliens have their own following in pop culture and have been the subject of many artistic and cultural pursuits.

Inflatable aliens

Can there be life outside of earth?

The first question we need to address to ask – is it possible that life exists outside earth? Scientists say that it is possible. Earth is only a small planet in the Milky Way and there are numerous other galaxies in the Universe. Thus, there is a probability that there may be other planets having an atmosphere that is conducive to life. There are already reports of the existence of water on Mars. So, there could be other planets that have oxygen in their atmosphere. Living beings require a certain type of atmosphere to live. As we know, life exists even in the most remote places on earth.

Humans have been living in extreme conditions for a long time now. We have also overcome many natural disasters and have continued to evolve. If we consider the theory of evolution, we know that living beings constantly adapt to changing conditions in order to increase their chances of survival. This means that we are constantly evolving and developing resilience towards the harsh environment. Aliens may have the same ability to survive in extreme conditions. In fact, if they are superior beings, chances are, they are already at a greater advantage in terms of survival. This makes it possible that there is life on other planets. Aliens may be able to survive on planets having a similar configuration to that of earth.

Even if the planetary body holds the remotest resemblance to the earth’s atmosphere, aliens may live there. They may have adapted to the atmosphere and characteristics that increase their chances of survival. The extraterrestrial beings may be microbial or may have human-like structures. It mainly depends on the celestial body and what the atmosphere in it comprises.

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Aliens on earth

Some people believe that our earth is not alien to aliens! There have been numerous reports of UFO sightings and photographs of unknown creatures. People claim that aliens have communicated with them via some signals. The facts usually do not add up in such cases and many are imaginations. These claims cannot be verified, but it does lead one to wonder – have aliens been successful in establishing contact with earth?

If we consider this possibility, it suggests that aliens are highly intelligent creatures. Scientists have been trying to discover more and more of outer space. But we have still not developed technology that can cover the light-years to another solar system. If aliens have really visited earth, it means that they have succeeded in developing superior technology. Some people also claim that there have been unexplained radio frequencies which can be interpreted as aliens trying to send us signals.

This suggests that aliens use the same mode of communication like us. It brings up many interesting theories about the intelligence and capabilities of the unknown species. These sources may not be credible but it certainly gives people something to think about. Scientists who are inclined towards research on extraterrestrial beings may consider these possibilities. In the future, there may be an invention that could open doors to communication outside the earth.

Scientific research on aliens and extraterrestrial life

There have been many direct and indirect kinds of research going on to find evidence of extraterrestrial life and proof of aliens on earth. NASA and other space agencies have developed projects specifically studying extraterrestrial beings. A group of professionals is constantly working to find out more about the possibility of life on different planets and solar systems. Their atmosphere is studied to find out if life can exist on their surface.

Satellites, high-range telescopes, as well as instruments measuring electromagnetic waves in the galaxy are being used to detect evidence of life. An equation called the Drake Equation is used in the scientific community with regards to extraterrestrial life.

Many alien enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to conduct independent research on aliens. But such findings are usually not accurate and can be risky. It may interfere with ongoing research and may botch up the scientific findings. Some people believe that science cannot be used to get all answers and turn to alternative sources. But the methods that are not scientific might not be reliable. They fit into the category of pseudoscience and lead to people developing conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are another obstacle to the scientific community.

Conspiracy theories about aliens on earth

Amateurs having an interest in extraterrestrial life often develop their own theories and assumptions. People have their own hypotheses about aliens, solar systems, and life in outer space. Many people use unscientific ideas to prove the existence of aliens. Though these findings may be intriguing, these are not accepted in the scientific community. Nevertheless, people who are interested in the field of pseudoscience continue their efforts. On the other hand, some people develop bizarre ideas and promote them. These are often termed as conspiracy theories.

The theories are often sensational and can lead the public astray. People who believe conspiracy theories may dismiss scientific research. In some cases, a group of people who believe in a particular theory may create obstacles for ongoing research. Certain groups do not trust the scientific institutions and the government. They believe that the government is hiding vital information from the common public for ulterior motives.

A popular conspiracy theory in America is that the government is keeping knowledge about aliens in America under wraps. These groups of people believe that the government has hidden information about aliens. They believe that the government has set up special agencies to keep the knowledge away from the public. These theories have garnered interest over the years and have reached their peak recently. Area 51 is one of the most talked-about topics in recent times. The public believes that the facility is home to top-secret research on aliens in America.

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Area 51 and public interest

Area 51 is at the center of the most popular conspiracy theory regarding aliens. It is a highly classified air force facility situated in Nevada, America. People believe that the highly secretive projects are about extraterrestrial beings. The theory holds that the government is in contact with aliens and is hiding their existence from the common folks. Due to its hype, in July 2019, a Facebook event “Storm Area 51” was created.

The believers of the conspiracy theory decided to collectively visit the facility to uncover the truth behind the place. The anonymous creator of the Facebook post later announced that it was meant as a joke. As tempting as it sounds, it is highly improbable that any such secret mission is going on. The assumptions are baseless and highly dubious. The government has announced on several occasions that they do not have any hidden information about extraterrestrial life. But conspiracy theorists often hold extreme beliefs and disregard such claims. Theories like these are certainly gripping but have some inaccuracies in them.

Many concepts go against science. Also, some claims can be unrealistic. If we consider the Americans and their obsession with Area 51, we can come up with many counterarguments. For example, why is it that aliens have only tried to establish contact with America? There should be records of alien sightings other than the sightings of aliens in America.

Should we try to communicate with aliens?

As much as we want aliens on earth, scientists strongly advise people not to venture into personal research. Alien enthusiasts wanting to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings are out there in large numbers. Conspiracy theorists have developed their own plans to uncover the truth. Many scientists have expressed concern over this.

Even if aliens do exist, we are unaware of the extent of their powers and resources. It has already been established that extraterrestrial life is most likely to be superior to humans. If they do exist, we cannot be sure of their intentions. They could very well be a threat to us and our planet. A large part of outer space is still unexplored. We do not know the extent of what exists beyond and cannot take it lightly. It is better to trust scientific agencies in this matter.

Aliens are still a mystery

In spite of extensive research and records surrounding aliens, the topic still remains elusive. There are many loopholes in the entire concept. Though there is a possibility of life outside earth, we still have to consider several aspects. Earth’s atmosphere is quite distinct and its composition is rare. So far, scientists have found limited celestial bodies that have a similar composition. We still have a long way to go in terms of technology.

Unless we develop technology that can cover remote areas beyond our solar system, the scope of research is narrow. Further, if we do develop technology that detects evidence of life, will our technology synchronize with theirs? Will they be able to interpret what we say? Most important of all – is it safe to establish direct communication with an unknown species? These are some of the most pertinent questions.

Final thoughts

The word ‘aliens’ piques the interest of everyone. Children read about them in their storybooks and adults engage in debates about their existence. The hype surrounding aliens only increases by the day. But we still have a long way to go before we get some answers to our unending questions.

It may take decades to finally come in contact with species of the outer world, if at all. Alien enthusiasts should follow credible research conducted by professionals to keep up with the latest development. While researching aliens, it is better not to sway away from unscientific theories and opinions of amateurs. Aliens on earth will be an interesting phenomenon to behold but for now, we can only wait and watch. If we believe some scientists, we might be close to revealing the ultimate truth about aliens.

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