Explore the Most Haunted Places in America for Spooky Visits

Explore the Most Haunted Places in America for Spooky Visits

If you take interest in exploring spooky places, you’d definitely want to know about the most haunted places in America. From hotels to Broadway theaters, from asylums to the entire state of Arizona, there are multiple places of interest here. It is time you find out about these spooky sites and figure out where you can possibly visit.

Most haunted places in America

It is time to find out the top haunted places in the United States and plan your trip around them:

1. Philadelphia – Eastern State Penitentiary

The Eastern State Penitentiary looks like a castle and was a place for solitary confinement. The building dates back to 1829 and has a history of how prisoners have lived, exercised, and ate alone. The treatment was so brutal that every time a prisoner left their cell, the guards used to cover their heads so that they couldn’t see anyone or anything.

The prison stopped the solitary punishment when it got overcrowded since 1913 and eventually closed down in 1971. It is believed that there are many ghosts of the prisoners who carry their unfulfilled souls. It is assumed that the severe punishments led them to such tragedy and there have been apparitions found wandering in the corridors. Many had also reported hearing whispers in the abandoned cells.

2. California – Winchester Mystery House

Not only is the Mystery House one of the most haunted places in America, but it is also a disturbing construction project. Sarah Winchester was wedded to a rifle marker’s son. Both he and their child had died, and a seer had informed Sarah that ghosts of a few gunshot victims had killed them.

Sarah tried to keep away the revengeful spirits and turned their house into macabre-style that people visit today. Some creepy features include staircases that straight go up to their ceiling, doors opening to walls, windows with secret passages, and more.

3. Arizona – Hotel Monte Vista

Arizona is one of the most haunted places in America because the entire state has multiple ghost stories. There are groups who travel to Arizona only to explore spooky places. Among many other spooky places, you must make it a point to come to Hotel Monte Vista.

The hotel is known to have many ghostly friends who clearly overstayed. The ghosts include a boarder who used to hang fresh meat from a chandelier present in Room 210. Two women were also pushed from the 3rd floor of the building, and are now known to suffocate male guests during their sleep. Other than these, there are also noises of a disturbing infant cry that keeps the staff worried. Artist John Wayne is one of the many to have a spooky encounter in this hotel.

4. Alabama – Cahaba

The first capital of Alabama was Cahaba but it is today more commonly known as a ghost town. The city was almost abandoned after a Civil War due to empty buildings, eerie cemeteries, and slave burial ground.

Most people come here to explore ghost stories and the most renowned tale is of the floating orb that illuminates and appears in an ancient garden maze. The location is inside the house of Colonel C.C. Pegues and was seen shortly after he died in war. The phenomenon is called the Pegues’s Ghost and attracts many curious visitors till now.

5. New Jersey – Pine Barrens

New Jersey is not only famous for its beaches but also the forested area of Pine Barrens. The area witnessed the Colonial era that had paper mills, sawmills, and many more industries. The inhabitants eventually abandoned these mills and villages around after they discovered coal in Pennsylvania and left behind a ghost town.

People believe that this place has supernatural wanderers and the most famous among them is called ‘Jersey Devil’. It is said that the creature came to life through a woman named Deborah Leeds and was her 13th child. The creature had leathery wings, hooves, and a goat head. It was seen to fly up the chimney and go onto the Barrens and kill livestock. It has been creeping residents of South Jersey for a long time.

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6. Florida – St. Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse is one of the most popular places in America and gets more than 2, 25,000 visitors every year. Apart from its beauty, it is also known to be haunted by many otherworldly creatures.

The historic site has witnessed many paranormal activities. One of the lighthouse keepers fell from a height and died while coloring the tower. It is said that his ghost is seen watching over. There was another tragic event where three girls drowned while playing on a cart. It broke down and they got washed away into the oceans. Visitors claim that they hear noises of kids playing near the lighthouse.

7. Texas – San Fernando Cathedral

Texas is mostly known for its urbanity but it also includes the oldest church to have the El Mariachi Mass every Sunday. The San Fernando Cathedral is a lovely Gothic Revival that attracts visitors during the day, but keeps them away during the night and need to be really brave to come over after sunset.

When the church was getting renovated in 1936, they had unearthed nails, bones, and torn military uniforms close to the altar. People believed that those were owned by the three soldiers of Alamo.

After the incident happened, people were known to see shadow figures in the images they click. There were also reports of finding ghosts behind the church walls, which included a man in black, hooded figures, and more.

8. Chicago – Lincoln Zoo

You might be amazed to know that one of the most haunted places in America is where animals live. The Lincoln Zoo is a popular place to visit but also happens to be haunted. Since 1840s or 1850s, the central part of the zoo served as a cemetery and had more than 35,000 bodies.

The burial ground was later moved because of the proximity of the city’s water supply, and most of the bodies were taken along. If you watch horror movies, you will know that playing with a cemetery is one of the easiest ways to make it haunted. It probably disrupted the souls of the dead who are still walking the grounds of the zoo right now.

9. Nevada – Mizpah Hotel

The Mizpah Hotel inaugurated in 1907 and it was one of the most luxurious hotels in Nevada. The walls were made with real granite and the décor was of the Victorian era. The hotel was restored by the year 2011 and serves tourists.

The fancy hotel, however, has a spooky history. A woman had supposedly died on 5th floor and her ghost wanders around the building. She is called the ‘Lady in Red’ who makes her appearance by talking into the ears of men and leaves pearls from a supposedly broken necklace and keeps it on the pillows of the guests. The hotel honors or rather capitalizes on the reputation of the lady ghost and there is a suite called Lady in Red suite for guests. Their restaurant menu also a Red Lady Bloody Mary drink instead of calling it just Bloody Mary.

10. Pennsylvania – Gettysburg Battlefield

We all know about many deadly fights in the history of America that happened at Gettysburg. Almost 50,000 men had died in a 3-day conflict. Most of them did not get proper burial as well. People believe that the souls of the men wander in the fields in search of comrades and weapons.

11. Georgia – Moon River Brewing Company

If you ever come to Savanna, you must come over this location. The Moon River Brewing Company is one of the most haunted places in America and had several roles to play before transforming into the restaurant it is today.

It dates back to 1821 and was a hospital for victims of yellow fever during Civil War. The place saw many deaths and that is pretty inevitable. People believe that the macabre vibe still retains.

Many people eating at the restaurant have reportedly seen a woman in traditional clothing looking down from top of a staircase. There is also a taunting ghost called Toby and one named Mrs. Johnson who is found upstairs. People should stay in the main levels to enjoy their beer in peace.

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12. California – RMS Queen Mary

Apart from being a stint during World War II, this place was once a luxurious ocean liner between 1936 and 1967. This site had witness one gruesome murder during that time. A sailor got crushed because of the engine room door, and his children drowned in a pool.

Long Beach city bought the luxury ship and transformed it into the hotel, which is still going strong today. But the souls of the dead passengers still roam around for free. If you visit the engine room of the ship, you might call in an eerie experience

To top it all, Winston Churchill had signed D-Day Declaration on the Queen Mary – no wonder it is one of the most haunted places in America.

13. Oregon – Pittock Mansion

The pioneers of Oregon, Georgiana and Henry Pittock wanted to build a dream house on reaching the golden years. The special year was 1909 and they wanted to add innovative design and architecture to the mansion. Sadly, the couple could enjoy being in their home for a few years only.

Georgiana died in 1918 and Henry died the following year. Since then, the house has seen several strange occurrences. Some reported cases are rose-like smell in a room that has no flowers, a painting of Henry that keeps moving from one spot in the house to another. It looks like that the Pittocks’ are still trying to do up their dream mansion.

14. West Virginia – Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The asylum was open to patients in the year 1864 and was at its peak during 1950s. They were serving over 2,400 patients even when the area was designed for 250 people only. However, such kind of service led to bad living conditions. For example, there was no heat or convalescents in the cages and patients became violent. From lighting fires to attacking the staff, this place saw many dangerous things happen. The asylum closed down in 1994 but there are souls of patients that still linger around.

15. San Francisco – Queen Anne Hotel

The 1890 Victorian hotel of Queen Anne first initially an etiquette school for young girls. It was later revamped into a hotel with 48 rooms, but remnants of past life tend to live on. It is said that the soul of Miss Mary Lake, who was the headmistress of the school haunts the hotel.

Maximum reports come from room no. 410, which used to be the headmistress’s office. People staying in that room find their clothes to get unpacked, blankets closely tucked around the bed. It seems like she’s still teaching etiquette to people!

16. Louisiana – Calcasieu Courthouse

A prostitute named Toni Jo Henry was nationally known for her infamy – she had killed a man ruthlessly in 1940. It was followed by three trials that led to her conviction. She was the first woman in the state of Louisiana who was executed on an electric chair. Her spirit, has remained and is reportedly seen in the courthouse. Workers feel her presence and smell of burning hair. Many people say that she meddles her daily life in the courthouse and makes lives difficult for employees by locking doors, fiddling with official documents, and more.

17. North Carolina – Devil’s Tramping Ground

Going deep into the woods of North Carolina and around 50 miles south of Greensboro, there is a mysterious circle where no life grows and animals also do not cross the path. It is said that there is a 4o-ft clearing where ‘the devil’ comes to dance and stomp each night.

The place has grown an eerie reputation for years and people have claimed to see red eyes placing its belongings around the circles every evening. Those things are thrown out the following morning so that the dance floor can be clear for the devil.

18. Detroit – Masonic Temple

The remarkable architectural beauty of the masonic temple is not the only thing that draws in people. The Gothic facade is backed by hidden staircases and passageways on the inside. It was reported that the cost of the architecture got the temple bankrupted, and George D. Mason, the architect jumped from the roof. There are people who reportedly said that they’ve seen a ghost or heard the sound of climbing steps on the staircases.

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