Best Instagram Names to Get Followers and Free Tips

Best Instagram Names to Get Followers and Free Tips

Instagram surely does not require any introduction because it seems to be the common favorite of everyone. It is a social media platform on which people post and share different types of pictures. So, in this article, we will talk about the best Instagram names to get followers. Moreover, you will find some very effective tips to attracts more people to visit your page and share their feedback.

Entering Instagram is like setting foot into a very attractive universe where the majority of things are fascinating. Gradually, the popularity of Instagram is outshining that of all its contenders such as Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to the makers and developers who are constantly trying to upgrade the platform by adding more amazing features. The main reason this article will excite you is to know that posting pictures is not enough.

Well, yes, before doing that, you must ensure that you choose one of the best Instagram names to get followers. Besides, you have to keep in mind that the name is simple yet appealing enough to attract followers. Moreover, choosing cool Instagram names that aren’t taken will ensure that people check your posts regularly. For example, if you choose your real name as the username, such as ‘Anna,’ it is boring. However, if you compare it against other usernames such as “camerashyanna,” of course, it will attract more people.

What are the best Instagram names to get followers?

You will often realize that users who attract a massive number of followers are very amazing on social media. Therefore, using a unique username increases your chances of being on the same track too. Moreover, your Instagram username will also act as your identity on any social media platform. While most of you think generating the best Instagram names to get followers requires special software and apps, it is not true. In this section of the article, we will suggest some of the best Instagram username ideas 2020.

A username is a very personal thing and should speak a lot about what you do or your personality. However, to help you out, we have here some very common Instagram username ideas 2020. Now, you can also modify them as per your wish.

Classy Instagram names

  • Sidewalk Enforcer
  • Elegant Point
  • Yellow Menace
  • Canadian Violinist
  • Georgeyves
  • Yourealion
  • Bodhi
  • TallButShort
  • Estrellaceleste
  • Bandilainc
  • Janaphyxiate
  • Makesmewonderwhy
  • Teamleaderisme

Username for Instagram for girl

  • Garden Heart
  • Angel Snowflakes
  • Honey bear doll
  • Babykins
  • Kitty Dance
  • Camerashy443
  • Peppermint
  • Megan eve
  • Pink prank
  • Honey Blossom
  • Glamorous angel
  • Angelwonderland
  • Thelollipopprincess
  • Thebestwoman
  • Peppermint kisses
  • Hey_you_quinn
  • Queenlovesbong
  • Iamthefuturequeen
  • Makesmewonderwhy
  • Iloveyouyesterday

best Instagram names to get followers for boys

  • Crazy Anyone
  • Sidewalk Enforcer
  • Independent Melvin
  • Turnip King
  • NoisYBoY
  • The Dude
  • Evil weevil
  • Livingfree8
  • Handy Man 7
  • Jake Justin
  • John carsweel
  • Hitchhiker
  • Monster
  • Pooldude
  • Dredd10190
  • Afro head

Best Instagram Names to Get Followers

Best ways to attract more followers on Instagram

Here are some of the most effective ways other than choosing the best Instagram names to get followers. So, here is getting you ready to welcome more Instagram followers!

Ensure that your Instagram strategy is thoughtful enough

There is no secret that you must have a clear plan in mind to enjoy the benefits of social networking. Therefore, you can start by aiming for more followers on Instagram. However, merely choosing one of the best Instagram names to get followers is not enough. It is because your objectives have to be larger than that. Besides, you have to consider the tactics and strategies of social marketing. Only then will you attract more people to check out your content and convince them to follow you.

Now, there can be different reasons why you may want more Instagram followers. Here are some of the probable ones.

  • Improving brand awareness
  • Getting more traffic for your website
  • Boosting sales of products and services
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As mentioned in the beginning, there has to be enough thought when marketing your brand on Instagram. Besides, keeping in mind these goals will help you to maintain consistency in your Instagram account. Moreover, all the strategies that you use will help in making your brand story better. As a result, more people will visit your profile and start following you if it piques their interest. More than getting more followers in a very short time, you will surely get very loyal ones too. That is also the reason why you must maintain more consistency in your posts!

Understanding the target audience

After you choose one of the best Instagram names to get followers, it is time you focus on retaining them. However, the first question that you must ask yourself is if you understand the target audience well. Here are some questions, the answers to which you must find.

  • The age range of followers
  • Challenges and pain points of the target audience
  • the geographical location of the target audience
  • a general time when your followers use the platform
  • the profession of the target audience

If you find answers to the questions mentioned above, it will help you understand your target audience in the best way. As a result, you will get content ideas that will help you to attract more people to follow you. Moreover, posting suitable content on Instagram will ensure that the existing followers will keep loving your ideas. One thing that you must keep in mind all the time is that whatever you do must focus on the desires and wants of the target audience. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep making your followers content.

Best Instagram Names to Get Followers

The aesthetic and brand story must be consistent

A great way of attracting followers is by revealing the manufacturing process of your products. Some people are always curious to know the back story of a product when they like it. Moreover, you can also share the perspective of an employee to humanize the brand. Besides, there are effective ways in which you can show an aspirational side of your brand too. In this case, you can showcase the achievements and lifestyle of your customers. Irrespective of your goal, one thing that you must keep in mind is to maintain consistency when it comes to the look and brand personality.

There are several other factors when it comes to consistency. For example, it is your responsibility to create content that is relatable and recognizable too. You have o imagine that the Instagram grid is nothing but a single cohesive unit. However, there is no restriction on posting Instagram stories that may not directly match your content’s theme. It may happen that the Instagram grid does not consist of only similar pictures, but it should not be a problem. You have to ensure that you know how to stylize the pictures so that the grid looks consistent.

Include keywords to make your posts more visible

If you want people to follow you on Instagram, the first thing to ensure is that they can find you easily. Unfortunately, not every type of content is searchable on this platform, unlike Google. Moreover, there are just two fields here that are searchable- the username and name. of course. The username is the name of your Instagram account. One of the best ideas is to maintain consistency when choosing usernames on various social media platforms. For example, if you are using a name on Facebook, try to choose a similar username on Instagram and Twitter. It is a trick to attract followers who are trying to search for you.

As you know, consistency is essential to enhance your follower base. Such tips always come in handy. Suppose you have a brand name that you want to promote on social media. The best idea here is to use the brand name while choosing usernames for all your social media accounts. As a result, people will find you more easily because the target audience will only search for the brand name.

Choosing the best Instagram names to get followers is not an easy task. However, you have to be very smart here. You can now choose any name within 30 characters but make sure that you use a keyword here. While keyword stuffing is never really a cool idea, it surely enhances the discoverability of a profile. For example, a famous Instagram influencer and travel writer @travellingmom (Claudia Laroye) has the key phrase “travel writer” as part of her username. Therefore, she will surely be more visible to people who are looking for travel content and suggestions.

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Attracting new users by using suitable hashtags

Don’t get into any confusion here because you think Instagram texts are not searchable. While the statement is true, hashtags are exceptions here, and they appear on searches easily. Therefore, if you know how to use relevant hashtags, attracting new people to your page becomes a lot easier. Suppose you appropriately include hashtags. While scrolling, users may find your post. Otherwise, they can find the same hashtag on some other post, click on it, and come across your post as well. Well, there are quite a few ways in which hashtags can prove to be very effective.

On the other hand, there is also an option to follow hashtags on Instagram. Moreover, in that way, your posts will appear more on relevant feeds if you use the hashtags that you are following. As a result, people who don’t follow you as yet can also check out your posts. So, what more? If they like your content, there is no way that they won’t follow your page. One restriction in this context is that you cannot use more than 30 hashtags in a single post. Well, using proper hashtags is nothing short of talent. It is because using random hashtags will take you nowhere. Therefore, you must understand the technique here!

Do you know about hashtag gimmicks? Yes, we have those on Instagram! For example, #followme, #tagsforlikes, #likeforlike, and more are some of the most common hashtag gimmicks you will encounter. While such tricks can fetch you, followers, remember that they are only temporary ones. Besides, they are nothing but people who want you to follow them back or cheap bots on Instagram in most cases. Instead, you can focus on hashtags that speak about your products and posts.

Crafting an attractive profile and bio

According to social media experts, most Instagram users who visit a business profile are new or non-followers. Now, there is a chance that they will start following it only when your profile and bio look convincing enough. However, there is no chance that you will attract these free followers if your bio and profile look unappealing, unclear, or incomplete.

Apart from your username and name, the bio must include a clickable link to direct them to your products or website. The bio section of your Instagram profile allows you to add around 150 characters. Therefore, the best idea is to utilize this space as much as you can. Here, it would be best if you described in short why a person must follow you or why you are interesting enough. Next, and very important, is to mention the type of content they can expect if they follow you.

On the other hand, if you are a professional account owner, there are more details that you can provide to other users. For example, contact info, location, and business type are some of the main details. Moreover, you can try to ensure that a new user gets almost all the major information from that brief bio describing your Instagram presence.

High quality and engaging content

As you already know, content is above everything, and it is your responsibility to ensure its quality. This is a critical point that you must consider when you aim to increase your followers’ number. Moreover, every picture that is part of your Instagram grid must be visually appealing and of very high quality. As a result, whoever visits your profile will want to see more of your posts and end up following you.

Final thoughts

It is time to stop thinking and start making necessary changes to your Instagram profile. From an attractive username to the best content, now you know all the basic tricks to attract more followers. So, what are you waiting for?

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