What cleaning services can a cleaning company offer?

What cleaning services can a cleaning company offer?

You don’t want to spend more money looking for new customers … but you’re not really sure what to offer…

 By selling your cleaning service, you save your cleaning time and money at the same time. Plus, your current customers are more likely to purchase additional services from you.

 The process will be much easier if you know what services you are going to offer.

 Not sure how to sell? Check out our guide for cleaning companies now!

  1. Dry cleaning of furniture

 Everyone (and I mean everyone) has those crumbs under the couch cushions that have been there for a long time. Not to mention the various dirt

This will also include:

  • Removing stains from furniture
  • Cleaning decorative pillows
  • Dry cleaning of curtains
  • Cleaning of children’s toys, ottomans, etc.

2. Deep cleaning of carpets

 For families with children or pets, this is true.

 A clean rug can be healthy and can just look pretty. This can be a major selling point for many families.

 Offer steam carpet cleaning west lafayette indiana, the ability to remove stains, suggest cleaning under furniture, and suggest an option for cleaning carpets.

 This service is easier to sell because the house won’t look clean without a nice carpet to add to it.

 This service is great for making your customers happy. This will make them give you great reviews because it completely changes how their home looks.

 Unlike other services, this is a service that they cannot make themselves. You have access to professional cleaning equipment, which the client naturally does not have.

3.  Washing the refrigerator

 This is another interesting service because we all have stained refrigerators and freezers with expired food leftovers.

  It’s an easy job … but it’s a job that no one wants to do because clients don’t want to take out all their food, wipe the shelves and organize the space they call the refrigerator.

 You can also opt for this service as a bonus. You can offer them:

  • Washing the refrigerator
  • Freezer cleaning
  • Wipe outside the refrigerator

 As with all of these services, it is important to remember that you can make this a regular service that you do every month, every six months, or a year.

 4. Window cleaning

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 This is one of the first things we see when we get home, but one of the last things when we think about cleaning.

 You can suggest indoor / outdoor window cleaning, window sill cleaning, and window cleaning (such as curtains, blinds, etc.).

 In this cleaning service, the client can choose what he wants to do. They can decide how often they want to provide the service (monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually, etc.).

 Choose how you want to present this service to your customers and try to make it as convenient as possible for your customers.

5. Deep cleaning of tiles

Cleaning the tiles is very important because the house won’t look clean until the floors are clean! Just like cleaning carpets, this is another service that your clients cannot do themselves.

 You can add this service by offering:

 Deep steam cleaning of tiles

 Deep cleaning with steam

 Removing excess grout after repair

 Tile sealant. Clean floors can contribute to many factors, including (but not limited to) health. This is the main item that you can sell to your customers.

6. Individual room cleaning and organization of order

Nobody wants to clean up after their kids. Any parent will tell you that this is one of their least favorite parts of the house to clean. This is a HUGE advantage you can use. You will give your customers a breath of fresh air.

  You can offer this service by offering different service packages:

 Routine room cleaning (vacuuming carpet, making bed and putting away toys)

 General cleaning (as standard, plus: removing stains from carpets, cleaning and removing stains from sheets)

 Extreme cleaning of premises (same as deep cleaning, plus: steam cleaning of carpets and organizing the order of drawers, cabinets and toys)

 This is ideal for parents with young children and you can sell this service to them.

7. Organization of spring cleaning.

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 This option is for those who want to do an intensive spring cleaning – turn the whole house upside down and clean from top to bottom.

 While you can resell this service any time of the year, it is especially useful in the spring because the kids don’t go to school for their spring break. Parents are trying to get ready for the summer.

 Customize this service by letting them choose which drawers, cupboards, closets, and rooms they want to clean. Customers need to tell you how they want everything to be organized and tidied up – and how they presented the final product.


 It is important to note that all of these cleaning services are 100% customizable for both your clients and the cleaning business.

You can constantly receive money for the services listed above, all this can be repeated every month, 6 months … every year … or whenever the client wants.


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