Where to Go for the Best Night Out in London

Where to Go for the Best Night Out in London

London is one of the greatest cities in the world. No matter whether you live there or are just visiting, there’s always something new on offer, and one of the widest ranges of entertainment in the world.

So if you are planning a night out in the British capital, you will not be short of options for things to do. Whether you want to spend all night dancing, exploring the city’s spookiest parts, or something a bit more sophisticated, London has something for you.


The Hippodrome Casino is located right in the heart of London. It’s a short walk from many of the most famous landmarks including Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and the Houses of Parliament. If you frequent casinos regularly or already play casino games online, then you’ll be familiar with the traditional offerings at the Hippodrome. In addition to the casino, it serves food 24 hours a day and has several bars. Combine this with the regular events like The Ladies at the Hippodrome or Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live, it could be the only place you need to visit all night.

Silent Sounds Party Boat

Party boats are usually the domain of beach resorts, not of the capital city of a country famed for its rain and colder temperatures. Yet the people behind the Silent Sounds Party Boat have spotted an opportunity. Mixing late-night partying with a cruise down the River Thames, with the breathtaking views of sights like the London Eye, Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge and The Shard.

The Silent Sounds Party Boat is quintessentially British. As the same suggests, it is a silent disco on board, meaning each guest is given their own headphones to listen to the music through. This way other people on the river are not disturbed.

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Silent Sounds Party Boat

Ghost Bus Tours

If ghosts and the paranormal are more your style, then why not book onto a ghost bus tour. Operating on a repainted Routemaster doubledecker bus which has been renamed to the “Necrobus”, the ghost bus tour will take you to sites of spiteful spirits and ghostly goings-on like Notting Hell and Trafalgar Scare. London hosts one of Europe’s most-haunted sites, so you’ll be bound to be feeling a little spooked by the time you’ve finished the tour. Naturally, the tours operate at night when it’s most spooky, so it makes a great option for your night out, either on its own, or as part of bigger plans.

Catch a Show

London is famous for its West End theatres, with famous examples including Wicked and the Lion King. There are several showings a day in most theatres so you could combine an evening performance with a meal in a nearby restaurant.

Head to the Club

London has several famous night clubs including the Ministry of Sound and Pacha. Many pubs and bars closer earlier in London than they do in other parts of the country, so clubs can sometimes be the only way to keep your night going.

Spend the Night in the Sky Garden

You can see a whole different side of London when you see it from a great height. The Sky Garden in the colloquially named Walkie Talkie Tower is a great way to do this. It combines fantastic panoramic views over the city, with a beautiful indoor garden, and one of London’s highest bars and restaurants.

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It’s a great way to spend the evening, watching the city come to life at night while you relax among the plants and shrubbery in the sky.

Visit a Museum

London has a fantastic range of museums, including the Natural History Museum, the British Museum, and the National Gallery. Many of these museums open at night for “museum lates”.

Some of these museums regularly open late on a regular timetable, such as once a week or once a month. For example, the Science Museum is open until 10 pm on the last Wednesday of every month, while the National Army Museum is open until 8 pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Meanwhile, the British Museum is open until 8:30 pm every Friday.

The options available in London are unparalleled in almost any other city. No matter what you’re interested in, London has something for you.

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