Bring Back the Romance with a Stay in a Serviced Apartment in Dubai

Bring Back the Romance with a Stay in a Serviced Apartment in Dubai

Does it feel like your relationship could use a little boost of romance? Have the two of you been having problems making time for each other, and just been getting too caught up in work and everyday stress? This is a perfectly normal thing that happens to couples all the time. Let’s face it, life gets busy, things happen, and romance often has to take a backseat. 

Rather than let things slide however, it’s always good to recognise when it’s time to slow down and make romance a priority. So why not do so with a grand gesture by booking a romantic stay in Dubai in a fully-serviced apartment? Not only is the destination exotic and beautiful, but a serviced apartment will elevate the holiday even further.

It’s All About Location, Location, Location

When it comes to accommodation options in Dubai there is no shortage of properties, but it is the serviced apartments that can really stand out from the crowd. Take, for example, the serviced apartments available through Dream Apartments. 

The Dream Apartments Jumeirah Beach Residence is brand new, providing all the most spectacular amenities, and an incredible location. The building itself is an impressive 35 stories right on Marina Beach. It really doesn’t get more romantic than this location. You can even choose from one, two, and three-bedroom units if you need extra space. For that extra special touch, you can choose a unit that overlooks the Arabian Gulf. The view of the water is serene and relaxing, and truly exotic.

Enjoy Meals in the Apartment

Then there is the fact that you don’t even have to leave your room in order to enjoy a meal for two. Sure, you can head out to a local restaurant, but if it’s romance you’re after then nothing beats a quiet night in. With a serviced apartment you’ll have the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, which allows you to easily throw meals together. You can even make a day out of shopping for fresh local ingredients, and try cooking a traditional Dubai recipe.

Make It an Extended Stay

Now if you and your special someone are able to spend more time on holidays than the typical one-week getaway, then serviced apartments also come out ahead. Often you can get extended stay discounts, making apartments perfect for multi-week or even multi-month stays. With a long stay, it makes a lot of sense to have that home away from home feeling, as you can truly settle in and make use of all the added space that an apartment features.

Spark a Little Romance in Dubai

Outside of the fact that Dubai itself is nothing short of stunning and is truly an exotic destination to visit, the accommodations you choose will also help to set the mood and tone for your holiday. Serviced apartments are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to have an exceptional experience while holidaying, and who appreciates having a little extra space to relax and unwind in.

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