What Things You Require to Know Before Bringing a Teacup Puppy Home

What Things You Require to Know Before Bringing a Teacup Puppy Home

Without any doubt, it is always crazy to bring a teacup pup home. Ever since I brought my teacup puppy home, he has become a glue that becomes all family members together. We all sit together and enjoy our little pup’s mysterious and crazy doings around us. He keeps us all engaged, and we all love to watch as he races around our dining table in circles, asking us to scratch his belly, throwing balls for him, and many others that make us laugh. 

Brining a teacup puppy home was my one best decision but trust me it takes a lot of care in return. And it offers me a lot of things to learn about puppies that I would like to share with you people if you have made your mind to bring your new puppy home and excited about it. 

So if you want your puppy to keep healthy and happy at your place here are a few tips that you should count to keep your little furry feeling his best. 

1. Buying Guide

You may have made your mind to bring your little furry friend home but how to get it? It is not always a stress-free decision to get your favourite breed puppy at affordable prices, and due to this, many of us are unable to have a little furry. So if you are going through the same, then I would recommend you to check the foufou teacup puppies to get your small pup home even at an affordable price. 

2. What You Required for Your Pup

Keeping your teacup happy at your place during the whole day and at night requires things like tons of toys to play, reliable schedule, good meal routine, and daily exercise. Without these essential things, you can’t even imagine your pup is happy and living his best. 

3. Care Tips for Your Little Pup 

If like many others, it’s your first experience too with a teacup puppy, it can be a little difficult for you to give him your best. You need a lot of things to bring together, and also you have to get some time to spend with your little friend. 

1. Feed Good Small Breed Food

Just like us, all other creatures need food to survive. And like our toddlers, teacup puppies need small breed dog food as they cannot digest the meal of adult dogs. So the first thing you require to do is go to your nearest dog store and buy small breed food for your pup. 

2. Make Time For Exercise 

Many of us think teacup puppies are just lapped dogs, and they don’t need exercise which is a completely wrong concept. As compared to adult dogs, puppies are more active, energetic, and love to do exercise. They also need it to grow healthy. So manage your timetable according and get some time to make sure your puppy is getting plenty of exercises each day. 

3. Spend Time with Them 

You would be astounded at how much your teacup puppy loves to play with you. Nothing will make him more excited than you pull out his lash and just spend some time playing with him. Whether it is fetch or tug-of-war, teacup puppies tend to be really playful. 

4. Grooming is Necessary 

Like us, teacup puppies also require grooming sessions though not regularly. You need to cut your small fury’s nails, brush him, and bath him twice a month too. You may not like this part but trust me; it is the only way you can keep your pup good and clean. 

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