Cannabis Training Courses Are Open – Can They Guarantee to Give You a Cannabis Job?

Cannabis Training Courses Are Open –  Can They Guarantee to Give You a Cannabis Job?

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. It has been estimated that the market capital for the cannabis industry will hit $57 billion by 2027. Considering the rate of growth the industry is facing at the moment, it is clear that this might be the best time to set yourself up for a career in cannabis!

There are many aspects to the cannabis industry and you can find several training courses that pertain to certain aspects like business, agriculture, politics, science, and medical care.

Almost one-third of the entire cannabis industry is dedicated to health care and certain products like CBD provide medical benefits like relieving anxiety, providing pain relief, etc. You can read more here about CBD oil and its benefits on anxiety.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the different training courses available for the cannabis industry today and if they can guarantee you a job or not.

General Cannabis Industry

There are a lot of courses that cater to the entire industry instead of focusing on any particular aspect of the industry. Most of these courses will cover the subject in detail and teach students useful skills to get them up to speed when it comes to the industry in general.

Some of the good courses on the general cannabis industry include:

* Bachelor’s in Medicinal Plant Chemistry (Northern Michigan University)

* Certification Program (Cannabis Training University)

* Physiology of Cannabis (UC Davis)

* Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain (The University of Washington)

These courses are pretty great to get a general understanding of the industry at large. They can help you get a job in the market by qualifying you to understand how the entire industry operates in general.

Cannabis Agriculture

Cannabis is a plant and growing it is definitely a skill. As with all skills, it can be learned today in a professional setting. These courses are designed to help students understand how the production of cannabis works. They focus on growing and cultivating marijuana in the most effective manner to create the best quality of plants.

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Some of the good courses on the agricultural side of cannabis include:

* Seed Technology Training (Colorado State University)

* Sustainable Food and Farming (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

* Agriculture, Economics, and Nature (Coursera)

* Agriculture, Food, and Environment (Tufts University)

Most of these courses do not focus only on cannabis and provide a general overview of agriculture in general.

Cannabis Politics

Due to the nature of the plant, politics has been invariably linked to politics. Even these days, the regulation and legalization of the plant are some of the most important topics in today’s politics. These courses are aimed towards making students understand the legislature behind the plant and how to navigate through the political aspect of cannabis.

Here are some of the best courses to understand cannabis politics:

* Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century (Coursera, developed by University of Virginia)

* Bachelor of he Arts in Political Science (Arizona State University)

These courses can help you understand the policy regarding the regulation and legalization of cannabis.

Cannabis Science

There’s a lot of science behind cannabis production. Some of the basic subjects that are required to get a better understanding of science include chemistry and botany. While a lot of these courses will focus not only on marijuana, they can help you get a better understanding of the science behind growing and cultivating cannabis.

Here are some of the best courses in cannabis science:

* Master Gardener Series (Oregon State University)

* The Fundamentals of Neuroscience (EdX)

* Introduction to Land Management (EdX)

* Environmental Ethics (Colorado Community College Online)

These courses will prepare you to tackle all the issues regarding science when it comes to cannabis growing, manufacturing, and the effect it has on human physiology.

Cannabis Business

There can be no industry without business and these courses are meant to teach you the fundamental skills required to understand businesses and how they operate. While they teach you a lot about business in general, these skills are applicable to almost any kind of cannabis business in the world today.

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Here are some of the best cannabis business courses available today:

* Fundamentals of Accounting (Alison)

* Local SEO (

* Operations Management (Udemy)

* Sustainable Business Strategy (EdX)

* Cash Flow Management Basics (Alison)

Cannabis Healthcare

Medical is, if not the most important, a very important part of the cannabis industry. There are multiple medical uses for cannabis including relieving pain, dealing with anxiety, and many others. CBD oil, derived from cannabis and hemp product, has been proven to have some pretty serious medical properties and is the subject of a lot of on-going research now.

Here are some of the major courses in cannabis healthcare:

* Human Health and Global Environmental Change (EdX)

* Pain Management in Primary Care Setting (MyCME)

These courses provide a comprehensive view when it comes to the role of cannabis in the medical world. These courses can help students get a head start in the medical world of cannabis, which is expected to be one of the major growth segments of the entire industry in the coming years.

The importance of cannabis training courses

These courses present a changing and evolving face of the cannabis industry, preparing students to be a part of an industry that is growing faster than ever. They prepare the students to tackle the unique problems to be faced in the industry and make them more qualified.

While it is not required to complete a training course to be a part of the cannabis industry in today’s world, the fact is changing fast and in the coming days, there will be a huge demand for qualified expertise in the industry and students who have completed these training courses will definitely have a huge advantage.


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