What Are Best Coconut Oil Uses?

What Are Best Coconut Oil Uses?

Coconut oil is extracted from the nut or fruit of a coconut tree. Although the entire fruit has several uses, the oil specifically has medicinal properties that make it special. Here, we will discuss the best of coconut oil uses to know different ways we can utilize it and why. Read ahead to know how you can make use of coconut oil in various common and uncommon ways.

Main types of coconut oil

Coconut oil has types and the virgin or purest form of the oil gives you the maximum benefits. Unlike olive oil, there aren’t industry standards that define virgin coconut oil. It simply means that it is purest when unprocessed and your local grab is probably the best. Virgin coconut oil is not bleached, refined, or deodorized.

You can also come across cold-pressed coconut oil and these have been mechanically pressed to extract oil. However, outside heat sources are not used in this case. The high pressure to squeeze out the oil works when the heat is applied naturally in a controlled temperature. It cannot exceed more than 120-degree F.

How does coconut oil work?

Coconut oil includes medium-chain triglycerides, which are fats. These fats work differently compared to other forms of saturated fats in your body. For example, when you apply the oil to your body, it moisturizes you.

Uses of coconut oil range from fighting diabetes and heart disease to fighting fatigue and diarrhea. There is plenty of coconut oil uses that makes it a wonder potion that we must all have at our home.

Even when the oil has high caloric value and saturated fat, many people cook with it to lower bad cholesterol levels. From skin to beauty, from health to cooking, there are endless coconut oil uses you need to explore now.

Common coconut oil uses

Check out the 28 most common ways to use coconut oil as listed below:

1. Makeup remover

Coconut oil uses for skin are endless but the magic it does to cleanse your makeup up is unparallel. It can rip off the most resistant and waterproof mascara that you wouldn’t want to use creamy cleansers on. You can apply the oil directly with a cotton pad and get rid of the makeup.

2. Mouth freshener

Coconut oil has high antibacterial and antifungal properties. All you need to do is gargle for 20 minutes with one spoonful of the oil to clear the germs in the mouth. It leads to fresher breath, healthy gums, and whiter teeth.

3. Lice treatment

There are also endless coconut oil uses for hair but when you can remove something as crucial as lice, what else do you need it for? Coconut oil is a natural lice treatment that you need to add with apple cider vinegar.

You first need to rinse your hair with a solution of water and apple cider vinegar and then dry your hair. Apply coconut oil to it and let it stay for one day. Brush your hair through with a fine comb and find all the lice dead. Shampoo your hair well and find your scalp clear.

4. Moisturizer for body

There are plenty of beauty benefits from coconut oil but it primarily works as a moisturizer. The sweet smell of the oil comes with the goodness of fatty acids. That makes it an effective moisturizer that seeps into your skin quickly. The oil not only makes your skin glow but also adds radiance.

coconut oil uses

5. Moisturizer for face

You can use the oil just as much for your face as you did for your body. It works as a primer and softens the skin before you apply makeup to it. The oil also gives you glowing and dew-like look that works best after applying foundation.

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6. Brush cleaner

Coconut oil helps you clean your makeup brushes and you can make it a monthly routine. It works like a DIY cleanser that you need to mix with one part of antibacterial soap along with one part of the oil.

7. Natural lip balm

If you have chapped lips, coconut oil can help you like none other. Since the oil stays semisolid in the room temperature, it works best as a lip balm. You just need a small jar to add the oil and use it on your lips when you want to.

8. Colored lip gloss

If you mix coconut oil with an old lipstick of yours, it can become a tinted lip gloss for you. This use helps you have a lighter shade of lip balm of the colored lipstick you own.

9. Undereye cream

If you don’t want to invest in another expensive beauty product, you can simply try an undereye cream. Add a dab of coconut oil on the eye bags and wrinkles. It will soften your skin and keep dark circles at bay.

10. Body scrub

Mix ½ cup of pure coconut oil with a handful of sugar or coarse salt. It creates the perfect exfoliator. The oil will last a long time after the grain melts away.

11. Lip scrub

Simply mix one tablespoon of the oil with one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Combine them well and scrub your lips with this tasty mix.

12. Massaging oil

Heat coconut oil and add a few drops of essential oils like peppermint and lavender. Use this mix as a massage oil and see the difference.

13. Teeth whitening and cleaning

If you run out of toothpaste and can’t get to the nearest store, you can use coconut oil instead. Mix baking soda and coconut oil together and use your finger to take the mix and rub your teeth. It will not only become clean but brighter too.

14. Cream to shave

Coconut oil uses with shea butter are not unknown to many. But you might not know that they team up the best as a shaving cream.

Simply grate a block of a shea butter soap till you have 3/4th cup of shavings. Add two tablespoons of the oil with 1/4th cup of witch hazel. Boil the mixture and allow the soap to melt. Add 1/4th cup of aloe vera gel to the mix and five drops of essential oil. Use it as shaving cream and you’d never want to get back to chemical products.

15. Treat dandruff

A dry scalp and dandruff go hand in hand. To add moisture to your hair, all you need is coconut oil. Treat your hair with warm coconut oil at night and massage the roots. It not only stimulates hair growth but also gets rid of dandruff.

16. Body oil

You don’t need to buy extra body oil when you have coconut oil at home. Simply apply it all over your body and let it soak. Cleanse your body well and pat dry. You will smell like you’re on a beach vacation and also add natural SPF 4 to your body.

17. Itch relief

Coconut oil is an amazing treatment for burns, bruises, and bug bites. You can soothe all of these by adding it topically.

18. Condition your hair

You can add warm coconut oil to your hair right before you shampoo to soothe the dry hair and condition it. Let it sit for one hour and find it moisturize your hair even after shampooing.

19. Night cream

You can use the oil as a night cream. Simply apply it every night and find your skin moisturized. It includes lots of antioxidants that treat fine lines, wrinkles, and fight early aging.

20. Leave-in conditioner

You can hydrate dry hair by using the oil as a leave-in conditioner. Simply add a small amount to damp hair and let the hair have moisture.

21. Frizz-free hair

Who needs expensive parlor treatments or regular hair trimming when coconut oil keeps your hair free from frizz. Just rub a little bit of the oil in your hands and run it through your hair shaft. It will shine and stay detangled all through.

22. Deodorant

You can DIY a natural deodorant by mixing the oil with baking soda, cornstarch, arrowroot powder, and one scented oil for the odor. Add coconut oil to the mix and use it as a body moisturizer.

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23. Eczema relief

According to a recent study, pure coconut oil can treat eczema better than mineral oil. It reduces inflammation and relieves itchiness in the affected area too.

24. Cuticle oil

You can apply coconut oil to the cuticles of your nails to keep them strong and long. It doesn’t peel off or hurt you as it could otherwise and you can have longer nails.

coconut oil uses for nails

25. Stretch marks gone

Expecting mothers must use this oil to keep stretch marks at bay. Topically applying the cream all through pregnancy can keep away the unwanted makes. You must, however, consult a doctor before using it.

26. Chest rub

You can fight congestion, stuffy nose, sinus headache, by making a DIY chest rub with coconut oil. Celebrity cook Ayesha Curry summed up an amazing recipe in her book to make a chest rub with coconut oil.

To follow the recipe, you need to combine two tablespoons of the oil with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. Mix them together and put it in a tiny lip-balm like container.

Pour a little bit of it on your hands and apply. You can also warm it up and apply on your nose, hands, chest, and feet.

27. Treat cold sore

Coconut oil stops itching and pain from a cold sore. It can also stop an underlying virus from spreading in other parts of the lips from the original cold sore.

28. Grows eyelashes

There are many fatty acids found in coconut oil that help eyelashes grow. It works as a natural serum and reverses back the damage done by mascara. Coconut oil stimulates growth and leads to long lashes.

You simply need to mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with a drop of lemon essential oil and lavender oil each. Apply the mix of your lashes every night and use a Q-tip to do that. Dab away dripping oil with a tissue.

Uncommon coconut oil uses

Coconut oil uses are not limited to the common uses only. There are some quirky ways to use it and they include:

1. Removing crayon from walls

Parents who always find their kids bring out their inner Picasso on the walls will need this tip. If your kids have been using their crayons on your newly painted walls, you need oil therapy to reverse it.

Simply take a clean cloth and soak it with coconut oil. Apply it on the walls and find the marks wash away. Note that depending on the texture of the wall the results will differ. If you think it can rub off the entire color from the wall, ask for expert help.

2. Prevent nosebleeding

Dry and cold climate makes our nasal passage dry like other parts of the body. Your nose can be prone to cracking and you must moisturize your nostrils with it to prevent nasty nosebleeding.

3. Healthy cooking oil

Coconut oil is most commonly used as a cooking oil in coastal areas. You can shift to this oil for cooking some recipes as they are healthy and nutritious. You can grease muffin pans with it and also try high heat cooking recipes.

Many people replace coffee creamer with coconut oil. You can also make rice crispy treats, popcorn, decadent fudge, magic chocolate shell, and more with the oil. Some people have one tablespoon of coconut oil raw every day to boost energy and add all the nutrition it offers.

4. Doggy treats

Coconut oil uses for dogs are common because it keeps their skin healthy. You simply need to warm up the oil and add peanut butter to it. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder and add it to an ice tray. Let it refrigerate and then offer it to your pet dog. Even humans can use it as an alternative to icecream.

5. Remove gum from hair

Most women chop off their hair if chewing gum gets stuck on it. Coconut oil solves this problem in a minute. You simply need to apply lots of it until you find the entire gum comes out.

Final thoughts

It is time you shortlist how you want to make use of coconut oil and why. This oil sure does have lots to offer and competes with other healthy oils in terms of its credibility.

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