Entertainment Substitute, Why Portability Is Killing Regular Puzzles

Entertainment Substitute, Why Portability Is Killing Regular Puzzles

The tangible stuff is hard to compare with what we have on digital platforms. But portability is the need of the hour. It may seem to be substituting and killing that old school charm. But contrary to the belief, technological advancements have supported the gaming space making older puzzles more common, widespread, and accessible.

Earlier, one had to have the time and resources to invest in specific gaming hardware or means. Today, anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and just a few minutes to kill in between their routine, can access just any kind of game on the go. Not only the gameplay, but developers have taken things several steps ahead with affordable in-app purchases, visual and audio aspects, storylines, virtual collaborations, rewards/ points system, and more.  

Monopoly, for instance, still sells pretty well as a physical product. It makes up as an excellent excuse for people to socialize. But on portable devices, playing such games is quite different. You can undoubtedly connect with your friends through the device. But it’s like, you’re traveling, have a minute in hand, and want to play the game, you can have it installed on the phone and pass the time doing something you really like.

Over the last few years, mobile app stores have seen countless adaptations of every sort of games and puzzles from the past for catering to the needs of the modern-day audience. Actual board, card, or paper puzzles might be challenging and rare to find. But fortunately, these apps will keep you engrossed and entertained:

  1. Jigsaw Puzzles

To experience the true essence of this classic picture puzzle, try the Jigsaw puzzle app by Easybrain. It’s a unique app that offers tons of images to solve. You can choose your preferred difficulty levels, swap, tilt, tor turn around the pieces, and also pick from more than 5,000 different HD images to challenge your skills. The best part is that you can save a game in progress, use hints, change backgrounds, and all of this (and much more) comes at the price tag of free

  1. Ticket To Ride

The rules are straightforward, scoring is easy, and the gameplay is fantastic. The interface is quite intuitive, animations are pleasing, and you get expansive maps of Asia, England, Europe, Germany, India, and Pennsylvania. You aim to collect different matching train cards to claim the routes connecting through diverse places. The longer the routes, the better you score, and the more you enjoy it!

  1. Backgammon Live

This is one of the oldest known board games in existence. Roll the dice, play with players from all over the world, collect daily bonuses, and master the skills. You can also play other mini casino games like Slots, Blackjack, and more. Video tutorials take you through the rules, and you can learn the game in 15 minutes. 

Not everyone admires what portability has done to regular puzzles. Still, one thing’s for sure: more and more people today are playing games no matter if it’s for fun, escape, or virtual socialization. We liked how Jigsaw puzzles and backgammon have transitioned onto the digital platforms so beautifully. Let us know your thoughts on this!

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