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Hoshi tells Archer that she’s comfortable with the idea. Reed suggests that they could stay in orbit for a few days but Hoshi argues that they don’t have the time for this. She tells Archer she can take care of herself and that it is worth the risk. They return to Tarquin’s castle and bring part of the Xindi weapon that was used before to attack Earth. Hoshi asks for a few minutes with Archer and tells him she will keep her phase pistol under her pillow as a precaution.

The alien has prepared a dinner made up of Hoshi’s favorite foods. He tells her that he knows she and he both understand solitude as she grew up with private tutors and as such was alone for much of her childhood. He says that 1 in 50 million of his species have telepathic abilities and that those that do must live their lives in exile as they are considered a threat. Hoshi wants to go rest as she is tired so the alien takes her to her room. There he gives her a book written in a dead language, the culture having died out. He tells her not to go outside as “the winds can be threacherous” but that she is free to explore the manor.

Back on the ship, anomalies start to occur as they are nearing the second sphere. They are so severe that Archer orders a full stop and tells Trip to line a shuttlepod with Trellium-D so they can use it to get the scans they need of the sphere.

Next day, Hoshi visits the alien while he is working. He tells her he will need more time to find where the weapon is being built. He uses what looks like an oval crystal ball that enhances his telepathic abilities. He offers to let Hoshi use it. She tries it and sees a jumble of images with one being a reptilian Xindi. She stops and he offers her another try. She refuses and tells him to go on with his work. She then goes about the castle and wanders outside where she comes across some graves. Tarquin shows up and tells her to go inside. She asks about the graves. He tells her they are of former companions. She asks how they died and he tells her he is 400 years old and outlived them. He tells her he’d like her to be his companion. She tells him no and goes back inside. He changes back to a human male and tries to reason with her. She makes it clear that she is not interested in being his companion.

Archer and Trip take the modified shuttlepod to the sphere but must pass through the cloaking barrier. They make it to the sphere but the sensor relays get damaged. Trip wants to go back to the ship for repairs but Archer decides they could land on the sphere and do repairs there using EV suits. While doing the repairs, the port truster ignites and the pod starts to rise up. They phaser the truster, destroy it and the pod falls back down on the sphere. Archer contacts T’Pol to tell her they have the scans and they return to the ship. T’Pol analyses the data while the ship is on course to pick up Hoshi.

Tarquin visits Hoshi in her room and tells her Enterprise is on its way. He tells her he will brief Captain Archer and then send him to her. He again asks her to stay but she refuses once again. He tells her to keep the book as a “reminder of your time here”. Later Archer comes into her room. He asks Hoshi if she would stay with Tarquin for a while longer as the alien has promised to continue to get more information on the Xindi if she will stay and that they’ll be

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