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Story by: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Teleplay by: Manny Coto
Directed by: David Livingston

After a series of flashbacks, the scene shifts to Trip’s quarters where he is applying Vulcan neuro-pressure treatments to Corporal Amanda Cole’s feet. He stops as she is ticklish. She suggests they try another position. They talk about Reed and Major Hayes and how the two are very much alike. She thinks Reed sees the MACOs as the enemy but Trip tells her that maybe he sees them as competition. Trip applies pressure to her back. When he stops, she turns around and kisses him. He’s surprised and she hints that there may be more next time.

Captain’s Starlog, December 27, 2153: “Using the coordinates we got from Degra, we’re en route to the location of the red giant star and with any luck, the Xindi weapon.”

Reed enters the captain’s ready room and Archer tells him that Major Hayes: “wants to put your security team and all the senior officers through a series of training drills.” Reed can’t see why they are needed as he already has regularly scheduled drills for his team and that the senior officers are always welcome. Archer explains that: “the MACOs’ tactics and technology are two…three years beyond Starfleet’s. Why not let them pass on some of that expertise?” Reed replies that his men have just as much experience if not more since the MACOs trained on Earth in simulated combat. Archer tells Reed: “I’d like you to coodinate the training sessions with the major.” Reed has no choice but to agree.

T’Pol visits Phlox who has asked to see her. He tells her Corporal Cole has been complaining of headaches. Phlox thinks it is because of her getting Vulcan neuro-pressure treatments from Trip. Phlox asks her to talk to Trip about it. He also asks her to treat Corporal Cole.

Major Hayes and Reed are walking down a corridor talking. They are discussing when to have the training sessions and can’t agree on a time. Reed prefers the evenings while Hayes the mornings. Reed is angry that Hayes went to the captain without talking to him first. Hayes accuses Reed of making things difficult. Reed takes the upper hand and insists that two of the three sessions will be in the evening.

Archer goes to the Bridge where Mayweather tells him that the stars seem to be shifting positions. T’Pol informs Archer that there is: “an unusuall strong gravimetric disturbance approximately three light years away.” Archer decides to investigate.

When they arrive, T’Pol surmises that it: “appears to be a convergence of three spatial anomalies.” They discover an object within it. It is a small vessel, perhaps an escape pod with one bio-sign. They use the grapplers to retrieve it and almost get sucked into the anomaly. With Trip’s help in engineering they manage to clear it.

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