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Hayes calls the Armory but no one responds. Reed, T’Pol and the crewmember enter the Bridge. They all point weapons at each other.

In the Hatchery, baby Insectoids crawl over the Captain. Trip decides to stun Archer and the babies scatter away.

On the ship, Hayes orders Hoshi to contact Archer. She refuses. Mayweather gets up and grabs Hayes. Reed and T’Pol stun the other MACOs. Reed tells Hayes to stand down. He tells Mayweather to take Hayes to his quarters.

Trip contacts the Bridge. He tells T’Pol to tell Phlox: “We have a patient for him.”

Acting Captain’s (T’Pol) Starlog, supplemental: “We’ve resumed our course for Azati Prime. Major Hayes and his men have been temporarily relieved of duty. Dr. Phlox believes he has found an explanation for the Captain’s behavior.”

In Sick Bay, Reed and Hayes come in. Phlox, T’Pol and Trip are there. Phlox explains that the substance that was sprayed on Archer’s face had a kind of reverse-imprinting effect. He tells them: “It’s the opposite of what happens when a young animal bonds with its mother. T’Pol tells Hayes to return to duty. Hayes tells Reed he could have tried to talk to him first but Hayes admits he probably would have sided with the Captain.

Trip goes to Archer’s quarters. They talk about what happened. Trip tells him they’ve recovered the antimatter and that the Insectoid babies will likely survive till a Xindi ship arrives for them. Archer wants to go to the Bridge but Trip tells him Phlox said he should rest. Archer agrees and tells him to tell Travis to “set a course for Azati Prime, maximum warp.”

The first thing that struck me about this episode was how Major Hayes was so ready to follow Archer as though he couldn’t see that the Captain’s decisions were somehow dangerous to the mission. Granted the MACOs don’t run the ship as such and don’t know the importance of the amount of antimatter there is but still, T’Pol refusing an order should have made Hayes at least think about why she disobeyed. When Archer ordered him to confine T’Pol in her quarters I wondered if she and Hayes talked on the way there. Surely, she must have said something which must have at least made Hayes a little less ready to accept the rest of what Archer does. But when Archer orders Reed confined to quarters as well, Hayes accepts this too without question. It makes me wonder how *intelligent* the MACOs are.

There were a few too many stupid events in this episode. The first being when Archer et al enter the Hatchery and the chamber pressurizes, Reed decides to open his helmet as does Trip. They don’t really know if it’s safe to breathe the air in there. But then had they not taken

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