The fire alarm is commonly known as an integrated system that is designed and built to detect the symptoms of fire automatically, to then give a caution (warning) in the evacuation system and followed up automatically or manually with a fire fighting installation system. The fire alarm systems or fire alarms provide an unbeatable accuracy in ease of use for the protection of high rise buildings, installers, and firefighters. All the features designed are very simple so that it makes it easy to operate, an automated system that has been designed for a long period of time. With a flexible system saving installation features thus reducing costs, the fire alarm system provides a protection that you never calculated.

At present, most school buildings, offices, hospitals, and other public buildings already have a fire hazard warning system. The most common is the use of fire alarms and smoke detectors. Therefore, a correct installation and maintenance of the alarm function are very important, considering its function as a notification that there is smoke or fire in the building you are occupying. For problems related to this fire alarm, a professional and trusted electrical company is needed such as electrician northern beaches. Because if we do it carelessly it will be fatal and even threaten the safety of your life.

The reliable fire alarm and voice evacuation systems are very important for security and safety. The safety and security are the absolute things to consider because it involves human life. Therefore, the building or building owners must really pay attention to the security and safety of consumers, in this case, tenants and visitors. A variety of electronic security system devices are available to protect people and assets from dangerous threats, such as natural disasters, burglary or fire. One important reason that causes fire alarms to be installed is if a data centre fire occurs. The fire alarm will automatically give a signal in the form of a siren that indicates that there has been a fire in the building. This alarm will certainly be very important, because fire has risks such as loss of life. It will not happen because of the alarm siren, someone who is in the room can immediately save themselves when the alarm sounds.

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Besides giving a sign that the occupants of the room can immediately save themselves. With a fire alarm, you can take further action to save the building. One of the ways you can do after the alarm sounds, namely:

  • Disconnect the Electric System

The first way you can do is to cut off electricity in the building if a data centre fire occurs. One of the goals of this is to reduce noise arising from electrical equipment used in buildings. That way, the only sound that will be heard by people inside the building is the sound of a fire alarm giving a warning.

Not only that, this second point is also done to avoid the occurrence of electrical shortages that could have arisen due to fire.

  • Deciding on a Communication System

The second way you need to do when a data centre fire is to break the communication system. This is very important because the termination of the system is useful for stopping communication via office telephone or the internet that is still being done. So that employees can focus more on responding to fire hazards.

  • Activating Solenoid valve

Usually, a high-risk room or a room that contains valuable assets will be equipped with a fire suppression system or firefighting system to extinguish the fire automatically. In a special firefighting system, the system will work immediately after the fire alarm sounds.

But there is also a fire extinguisher that needs to be activated manually through the fire alarm control panel, so that the solenoid valve can be electrically driven. Now that’s a comprehensive explanation of why it is important to install a fire alarm in anticipation of a flashlight data fire. Because by using a fire alarm or fire detector then the risk of fire will be minimized.

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