The Benefits Of Genuine Parts For Your New Nissan Patrol

The Benefits Of Genuine Parts For Your New Nissan Patrol

The new Nissan Patrol is an excellent vehicle, but over time, there will be parts that become worn and need replacing. Nissan has established a great reputation for reliability and performance, but your Patrol can easily be compromised if you opt for poor quality parts. While it may be tempting to choose cheaper parts, there are some distinct benefits of genuine Nissan parts that we’ll explore in a little more detail here.

The Highest Standards of Safety

When you’re out on the open road with your new Nissan Patrol, you want to have complete confidence that every part of your vehicle will work together to ensure maximum safety. When your Nissan Patrol 2019 is fitted with genuine parts, you can feel confident that the parts have gone through thousands of hours of intense and rigorous testing to ensure that they comply with Nissan’s high standards. This provides you with peace of mind that all of the new parts offer the same safety standards that you expect from Nissan.

Warranty Coverage

When you use genuine Nissan parts, you can also have confidence that you can enjoy great warranty coverage. To maintain your new vehicle warranty, it is crucial that you have genuine Nissan parts fitted on your Patrol by an Authorised Nissan dealership. Even as your Patrol ages and is no longer covered by the new vehicle warranty, you can have confidence that your genuine parts are covered by the Nissan 1 year or 20,000 kilometre warranty. So, if any issues arise with the part after it has been fitted, it will be covered under the warranty.

Expertly Tailored for Your Nissan Patrol

One of the most attractive aspects of using genuine parts is that they have been specifically designed to perfectly work with your Nissan Patrol. Unlike generic alternatives, Nissan parts are specifically tailored to your vehicle. They are produced to the same manufacturing standards as the original parts to ensure optimum performance.

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Enhanced Resale Value

Even if you have no plans to upgrade your Patrol any time in the near future, savvy vehicle owners always keep an eye on resale values. From a resale perspective, choosing genuine parts offers significant benefits. It will not only help to maintain your vehicle value, but it also highlights that your vehicle has been properly cared for under your ownership. Genuine parts and servicing showcase that a vehicle has not been neglected and this is a massive consideration for potential buyers.

Understanding Genuine and OEM Parts vs Aftermarket

Unless you’re a trained professional or keen mechanic, the terms surrounding car parts can be a little confusing. You’re likely to come across the terms, OEM, genuine and aftermarket and wonder whether there are any differences. In simple terms, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and these parts have been either made by Nissan or made by an external company to the Nissan specifications. Genuine parts are supplied by Nissan and are supplied in Nissan packaging. These are the parts that you should be looking for when you need a replacement part for your Nissan Patrol.

Aftermarket parts are produced by third party companies. These are often reverse engineered as they don’t have access to the official Nissan specifications. These parts can vary in price and quality, but many use lower quality materials and are not supplied with the same warranties offered with genuine parts.

The Issues with Aftermarket Parts

Unfortunately, as we’ve touched on above, the quality and price of aftermarket parts can vary greatly. Since there is no manufacturer oversight, there is no assurance that the part you’re purchasing is made to the same specifications as a genuine Nissan part. Even something as minor as air filters can impact the performance of your Nissan patrol, so a filter that is a couple of millimetres too small can allow dust and other particles to enter sensitive engine components.

Another issue with aftermarket parts is that there is no guarantee of quality. While you may want to save a few dollars on your vehicle repairs, the most significant cost is likely to be the labour. So, although you may save a little on the part, you’re likely to need to pay that labour cost, and the cost of another part when the aftermarket part fails.

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Aftermarket parts can also compromise the safety of your vehicle. Research has shown that counterfeit parts are on the increase around the world, and they pose a serious risk to vehicle safety. Local and global industry experts have tested many counterfeit parts and discovered some serious defects, including suspensions that snap during swerve and avoid tests, oil filters that do not properly filter oil, brake pads that can catch fire, and even fake wheels that shatter if you hit a pothole. So, in addition to compromising your vehicle warranty, you may put yourself and your family in danger every time you take your Patrol on the road and rely on a counterfeit part.

Spotting Genuine Parts

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to spot genuine parts and ensure that they are used on your Nissan Patrol. All Nissan parts are supplied in official packaging or show an authorised logo on OEM part packaging.

It is also important to only trust your Patrol with a reputable mechanic. Authorised Nissan dealerships like Perth City Nissan have a full aftersales department that includes parts supply and a full team of factory trained technicians. This ensures that your Patrol is only ever exposed to genuine parts that will help to maintain your vehicle resale value, protect your warranty, and provide complete confidence in your safety.

If you are interested in a Nissan Patrol in Perth, be sure to speak to us. At Perth City Nissan, we have a full range of new and preowned Nissan vehicles, including the new Nissan Patrol. We also offer genuine Nissan parts in our aftersales department, and we would be delighted to answer any of your queries or questions.

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