Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Tips and Tricks

Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Tips and Tricks

In the current times when people do not have or hardly have the time to stop and think about the food, they are consuming. They are often exposed to fast foods and junk foods. Since the lifestyles of the people are changing at a high pace, it is taking a toll on the health of everyone. The people are unusually putting on a lot of weight which in turn is affecting them by making them unhealthy. But who has the required amount of time needed to lose all the weight gained? Hence, to make it easier for everyone here are all the tips and tricks on the fastest way to lose weight.

Why should one lose weight?

Before one jumps to know the fastest way to lose weight, it is important to first understand the reason for losing weight. While a person might think that losing weight is unnecessary, it is actually a very important thing one must keep in check to ensure a healthy life free from unwanted diseases.

Therefore, here are some of the reasons why one should lose weight:

Less complicated Pregnancy and Surgeries

Excess body fat hinders the speedy and safe recovery of the patient after an operation, making it risky for them. There are high chances of the patient to get affected with hernia and various other complications post-operation. There are many patients who might not even be able to get operated for increased fat percentage in their body even if they have to. Pregnant women who have excess fat in their body is a classic example of this. As the body fat decreases, so do the complications.

Proper functioning of the Immune System

Although a little amount of fat is required by the body, excess fat hinders the proper functioning of the immune system. As the fat increases, so do the cytokines and hormones produced by it. This, in turn, makes the person prone to a higher risk of diseases and infections. The proper amount of body fat, therefore, ensures that everything in the body is balanced and improves the immune system of the person.

Decreases Joint Problems

Almost every individual with excess body fat faces joint problems. This is for the fact that excess fat in the body puts pressure on the joints of an individual specifically affecting their knees and elbows. As the knees bear a lot of stress (bodyweight) they tend to wear and tear fast leading to arthritis. This can be prevented with proper exercise and maintaining weight.

Food tastes better

Many people are not aware of the fact that slim people tend to have a better taste of food that people who are overweight. This probably happens because their taste buds tend to lose their sensitivity owing to overuse.

Improve Mental Health

Apart from ensuring that the person is less prone to diseases, losing excess fat also ensures the mental health of an individual. The reason is simple. People with excess fat tend to be shamed significantly in their day-to-day lives. This, in turn, affects them mentally, bringing their confidence down. Shedding those extra pounds therefore also helps increase the confidence of an individual.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Losing the extra fat from the body is one of the main things to make sure that a person stays healthy and free from serious and unwanted diseases. When a person thinks of the fastest way to lose weight, there are a lot of ways to do so.

There is various exercises they can opt to work out with to shred their pounds. They can also make small lifestyle changes and opt for going for a weight loss without doing any exercises. A person may also choose to intake weight loss friendly foods for getting back in shape.

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Here is a detailed description of all the ways mentioned above for an individual to understand and choose what fits them most.

How to lose weight fast with exercise

Exercising regularly is a must for every individual. A proper diet followed up with regular exercise ensures that the individual is healthy and less prone to diseases. The bones and muscles of the body of a person become stronger when they start to exercise regularly. It also helps them have the required amount of energy enabling them to think and feel better.

However, there are numerous kinds of exercises to ensure the health of a person. Hence, it is usual for a person to be confused amongst the fastest way to lose weight.

Therefore, these are the steps on how to lose weight fast with exercise:


Any exercise chart is incomplete without cardio in it. Specifically for the people who aspire to lose weight, cardio is a must include in all their exercise charts. The benefits of cardio are huge. Some of them are:

  1. It helps to burn fat and calories easily.
  2. It increases the blood flow in the heart.
  3. Reduces Stress.
  4. Ensures good sleep.
  5. Reduces the risk of cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

The fastest way to lose weight with cardio exercises are:


Walking is one of the easiest and best exercises for beginners to start with. In busy everyday lives, people often avoid walking and take other faster modes of transports instead. A little change in the routine that ensures to include walking as an important part of the day can help bring about a lot of change. Talking the stairs instead of the lifts, walking during lunch breaks, practicing morning walks, etc. are some of the things to include for witnessing a change.


Cycling is another, more effective way to lose all the extra pounds. It is an easy exercise that does not put much stress on the knees and joints of a person. Even gyms have cycles for the person seeking to stay fit. Hence, not knowing how to cycle is a negligible problem. Individuals who cycle regularly are known to have less heart disease, cholesterol, cancer, and other health-related problems.

Running or Jogging

Jogging and running are another set of cardio exercises that ensures that the excess fat is lost fast and effectively. Running and jogging although they seem similar are different; the difference is in terms of the pace. One can choose to run on soft grass or the jogging area, or can also choose to do so on a treadmill. For people who have a considerable amount of belly fat that they want to shred, jogging and running are one of the best choices.


Swimming is one most fun exercises and the fastest way to lose weight. Moreover, it is an easy exercise considering that it does not put much pressure on the joints of the individual swimming. Hence, people who are suffering from joint pain can also consider swimming as an exercise to lose all the extra pounds. Along with that, it also contributes to cutting down a lot of health issues including heart diseases, cholesterol and improves flexibility.


Burpees exercise is one of the most intense full-body workouts that ensure that the extra fat of a person is shredded effectively. It is proven that burpees tend to burn the fat 50% more times than the regular cardio or strength training exercises. Hence, burpees are one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Along with that, burpees also tend to increase the metabolism rate of an individual thereby increasing weight loss. Burpees also help in gaining strength due to the fact that it ensures that all the parts of the body are made to work.

Weight Training

While doing a lot of cardio exercises burn calorie thereby helps burn all the extra fat, weight training does that along with giving the muscles a proper shape. The metabolism of an individual gets boosted up to 38 hours after the workout is complete. This indicates that the body even when at rest after the work out tends to burn calories more than it would have done naturally. There are a variety of weight training exercises. The best chart is one that includes a perfect balance of all the muscles and fat burning exercises.

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Tabata Workout

Tabata Training an interval training of high intensity and is one of the fastest way to lose weight. It is a 4-minute workout with little intervals of 10 seconds and hard work out for 20 seconds. The body is pushed to the ultimate limit to lose weight. There is a variety of exercises last 4 minutes combined. The Tabata workouts can include pretty much all the exercises starting from squats, to mountain climbing, burpees, push-ups, kettlebell, squats, etc.

How to lose weight fast without exercise

There are people who cannot exercise owing to their hectic life or other problems and there are others who just don’t feel like exercising. These people search for ways to lose all the extra calories off their bodies with ways other than exercising. Coolsculpting cost, a non-surgical treatment is worth considering to achieve your goal weight.

Hence, here are some ways on how to lose weight fast without exercise:

Eat Protein Rich Diet

By bringing about small changes like ditching grain-based meals and switching to a high protein meal can help lose fat faster. Consuming protein decrease appetite. This is for the fact that it gives a feeling of fullness therefore delaying hunger. This in return helps an individual to intake fewer calories. Some protein-rich foods are eggs, milk, chicken, soy products, nuts, and seeds, etc.

Cut Sugar

Artificial and added sugar is one of the main things that contribute to body fat. Beverages that contain added sugar like soda and other sweetened drinks have extreme fat and as well as are associated with various diseases. Replacing these unhealthy sweetened drinks with healthier alternatives like water, green tea, coffee, etc. do not just cut down on the added sugar and help burn calories but also helps keep one healthy.

Eat a heavy Breakfast

Consuming a good protein rich breakfast ensures that the hunger is suppressed for quite a long time. However, one must ensure that they do not eat foods like bacon, bread, etc. which ultimately would do more harm. Breakfast that protein rich foods like milk, eggs, peanut butter are ideal for a person. It must also be kept in mind to not have a larger than a three hours gap before the next meal.

Reduce the size of the plate

Portion sizes have an adverse effect on how much a person eats. It is observed that an individual tends to eat everything that is on the plate. Therefore, a smaller plate ensures that the portion sizes are minimized making people eat less. This, in turn, prevents one from overeating thereby burning calories.

Chew the food slowly and thoroughly

The more time a person takes to chew the food, the more it sends signals to the brain of eating enough. Fast eaters tend to eat more than the required portion ultimately leading to taking more calories. When one starts to chew slowly and in smaller portions, they tend to feel more fullness and altogether eat less.

Along with this, there are various weight loss friendly foods that one can choose to eat that also contributes to the fastest way to lose weight. Losing the extra pounds and staying fit is a lifestyle that everyone must adapt to. Leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating a healthy meal ensures that a person keeps away from unwanted diseases.

Final thought

The best way to lose weight way fast and effectively is to ensure that a person opts for a balanced mixture of all the weight loss techniques mentioned in the sections above. However, it just does not end there. An individual needs to make sure that they after working hard and losing the extras does not again gain unwanted fat and go through the same processes again. For this, they have to continue living a healthy lifestyle by working out regularly and also cutting down on unwanted fast food and junks.

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