ferengi   The Ferengi

The Ferengi are a technologically advanced race of ruthless capitalists who will stop at nothing to make a profit. They are a humanoid race from the Alpha quadrant with a distinguishing pair of ears resulting from the thin atmosphere on Ferenginar, the Ferengi home-world.

The Ferengi’s reputation for wheeling and dealing has become legendary throughout the galaxy and their culture is based entirely upon capitalism. In Ferengi society, there are no limits as to what money can buy. Even social standings, military ranks and abilities are based upon wealth and ruthlessness, all of which are considered admirable traits in a Ferengi male.

Ferengi females on the other hand have a very different life than their male counterparts. Women are treated as property and can be bought and sold with little respect for their own desires and are forbidden from leaving the Ferengi home-world. They are also not allowed to wear clothing or attempt to gain wealth, serving only at their males pleasure, even to the point of chewing their food for them.

The Grand Nagus is the most influential person within the Ferengi social structure, identified as the master of commerce. The Nagus has extreme power over Ferengi business controlling trade agreements, the status of trade territories and other commercial opportunities. The equivalent captain of a Ferengi Starship, or Marauder, is known as a DaiMon, in place because of their wealth rather than achievements.

Recently, relations between the Ferengi and the Federation have been improving and the opening of trade agreements with Gamma quadrant races have opened. The Rules of Acquisition govern the Ferengi commercial society and consist of 285 guiding principles enabling them to become the most successful entrepreneurs in the galaxy. Although the rules may seem simple, Ferengi business scholars have been interpreting and debating them for thousands of years.

After first contact, the Ferengi Alliance has assimilated itself quickly into the Federation seeing it as a great economic opportunity. Many races within the Alpha and Beta quadrants consider the Ferengi to be disreputable thieves who have no moral values in the pursuit of profit. This much maligned race possesses a rich traditional heritage which goes back several thousand years, although much of it does, indeed, revolve around the acquisition of profit.

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