6 Unique Flooring Options That Will Elevate Your Home Decor

6 Unique Flooring Options That Will Elevate Your Home Decor

Flooring can say a lot about a person and the home they have. For instance, we read oak floors as traditional and classic and brick floors as rustic. But what if the message you want to send to people who enter your home is not about being traditional or rustic, but unique? For flooring that will make your home decor and home repair and renovated looks more professional and special, these are the best flooring materials to send a message:


While concrete has certainly exploded in popularity in recent years, it is still an unusual and unique choice that can enhance your home no matter what style of decor you have. Concrete is a durable and stain-resistant material that also has great longevity, making it a very practical flooring option if you are also looking for high functionality.

But aside from this functionality, concrete also has great design versatility. If you are looking for more design, you can get your floors stamped to a pattern. Or if you’re not particularly fond of the natural grey hue of concrete, a concrete stain can help transform your flooring. But if you want the concrete to be left to its simplicity, we recommend a simple polish over your concrete to create an attractive glossy surface. Concrete contractors Orange County and elsewhere are capable of incredible things with concrete, so don’t forget to ask your concrete contractor about the best options for you.


Rubber floors may not be the first thought in your head when you think about flooring, but it is actually a popular and advantageous flooring choice to make. While it has most commonly been used in gyms and cafeterias where impact and high volumes of traffic are a concern, people have also started installing rubber floors in their own homes.

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Rubber is a comfortable and noise-absorbent flooring material that is also extremely durable, easy to maintain, and anti-bacterial. And because you can get rubber in all kinds of colors and designs, you are sure to impress guests with your originality in your home decor. The only drawback to installing rubber floors is the high cost of the material, making it expensive to use throughout the home.


As a kind of wood, you get the best of both worlds with cork flooring. On one hand, you get the distinct impressive beauty of wooden floors, but you also elevate your home by choosing something that is not commonly used. Not to mention the fact that cork is a great green option to traditional hardwoods, as it is regularly harvested from living trees instead of being sourced from chopped down trees.

Cork floors are characterized by the soft, almost springy, feeling they create underfoot. This makes them extremely attractive for families with children or for elderly people, as accidents may be minimized by the softer floors. And if you’re worried about the appearance of cork being too common, it can be refinished into various styles to suit your unique style. As a light flooring material, it will look great in homes that encourage a kind of airiness in their furnishing and lighting.


Leather floors are not for everyone. They create a very particular kind of ambiance in whatever space they are in – a feeling of luxury, moodiness, and comfortability. For someone looking to install leather floors, it is therefore generally recommended that they choose to install it only in select rooms where that ambiance is welcome. For example, it is not generally the feeling you want in a kitchen.

While it may seem impractical to have leather floors, they are actually a very durable material and only need minimal cleaning and maintenance. So if you have the budget for it and if you have the same kind of luxurious furnishings to match leather floors, they are a great choice.

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5.Patterned tiles

Tiles can be used anywhere in the home. With so many variations in size, color, and design, there will always be something for everyone. But we are particularly fond of patterned tiles for homes. If you’re someone who loves the Mediterranean style of home decor or if you want something that will look great in rooms that are often frequented by sunlight, patterned tiles are a perfect choice.

Tiles are not only attractive, though. They are also incredibly durable and resilient to most pressure. And because they have been sealed to protect the pattern, they are also easy to clean. While the installation process can be lengthy and costly, the sight of a beautiful array of patterned tiles to complement your home decor is worth it.


We know glass floors are quite the luxury, but we think they’re worth including on this list anyway. Glass floors make a strong statement. They’re a deliberate attempt to blur the often rigid lines between floors in a home, and can thus be a show stopping element in a home. Additionally, they can also be a smart way to share sunlight between floors.

Glass floors go best with modern houses where furniture and design are minimal. That way, they can truly stand out. However, it is important to note that installing glass floors is neither cheap nor easy. Because it changes the very structure of the home, you will need to hire a structural engineer on top of your flooring contractor.

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