These Handcuffs Self-Defence Tips Can Save You From Danger

These Handcuffs Self-Defence Tips Can Save You From Danger

It might sound a bit strange to use handcuffs for self-defence, but they can become a weapon when in the right hands. Although such objects rob someone of their freedom, they also give another total control and dominance over the first. 

It’s mostly police officers and security guards that carry handcuffs to restrain the perpetrator. Yet nowadays they have become the most common self-defence weapon.

But, before you learn how you can utilize this tool, you must consider the laws concerning the use of such a weapon in an argument. 

Here are some of the easy handcuffs self-defence tips, executive protection services.

Choke The Intruder

Impede the attacker’s breathing by choking him with the short-chain between the handcuffs

Choking technique works best when used from behind the mugger. In case you cannot position yourself in such a way, don’t perform this trick. You can end up agitating the attacker.

WARNING: You can be severely reprimanded for such an act, even if the opposite party attacked you first. So, make sure you use this when all else has failed. If you can, knock the person on the ground and handcuff them so that they can’t strike again.

Striking Technique

Handcuffs can also be used as a striking weapon. Metallic cuffs made from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, or from synthetic polymers, can hurt someone if used aggressively. But, in self-defense, the intention is not to harm but to cease the attack. 

Use handcuffs to strike at sensitive parts of the body. 


Use the metal corner of the handcuff to gouge someone in the eye. This technique might not be effective if you don’t have metallic handcuffs. 

Even if they stay aggressive after the attack, you will have enough time to escape the situation before they try again.

NOTE: Eye-gouging involves a very high risk of eye injury. That said, it must only be used as the last resort. 

Maintain Grip On The Weapon

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Always keep a tight grip on the handcuffs. Don’t drop them. In case you do, the intruder might use them to restrain you. 

If you get cuffed by your carelessness, use these below-mentioned tips get out of them:

  • If you have a bobby pin or a piece of wire, use it to make a temporary key and tweak the lock.
  • Shim your way out. Place the metal piece between the teeth and locking mechanism and uncuff yourself.

Running Away

The best line of defence is to avoid the fight altogether. If you can, run away from the situation. This is the most sensible piece of advice. Instead of using handcuffs to strike the assailant, throw it on them and distract them. 

But before choosing to do this, make sure you can make it that far so the attacker can’t use them to handcuff or hurt you.

By reading these handcuffs self-defence tips, you can stay prepared should you be attacked. 

Hopefully, this article helped you!


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