How to Use Cat Nail Clippers

How to Use Cat Nail Clippers

Trimming a cat’s claws is not a prospect that fills the majority of owners with confidence. Cats tend to be squirming, stubborn creatures and some hate to be handled. Here is how to use cat nail clippers.

Restraining a cat for the length of time it takes to clip claws is a considerable challenge. But for some animals – especially those that live indoors and are elderly – a nail trim is essential. It should be a part of any regular cat care routine.

To start with you need to make sure you get the best cat nail clipper. This is because if claws get too long they may curl underneath the paw pads. This can cause great discomfort.

Claws are also more prone to breaking or splitting when left to grow unattended.

Cats instinctively scratch so instead of attempting to curb the behavior, it’s easier to find ways of alleviating the problem for your furniture and carpets. Any way scratching is important for cat well-being, so it should be encouraged in the right places.

You need to use cat nail clippers for trimming nails as early as possible. You can start by gently massaging your cat’s paw. The cat should be allowed to flex and retract the claws then you can place a paw in the palm of your hand. This should take any aversion out of your cat’s mind. It should be repeated daily until the pet feels comfortable with you holding the cat’s paws.

For successful nail trimming, you must be able to use cat nail clippers and maintain a firm grip on the cat’s paws without the animal flinching or shying away.  It is also crucial to make sure both the cat and you are relaxed before you present the clippers. Nail trimming needs concentration and patience.

The best time to attempt nail clipping is when your kitty is calm and even sleepy. When they curl up in your lap for affection is an ideal time.

If you attempt the task when a cat is fidgety or upset, it is much more likely that the quick will be cut and the cat injured. The difference is that the nail tip is transparent while the quick towards the base of the nail is light pink. The quick is filled with blood and will inflict pain and cause bleeding when cut.  

There are many different styles and brands of nail clippers on the market. You need to choose the correct ones that will suit you.  And it’s a good idea to follow these simple steps:

– Hold your cat in your lap and focus your attention on stroking its favorite areas to calm it down.

– When you feel your cat is comfortable, apply light pressure to each toe to extend the claw.

– Take your time and only clip the tip of the claw.

– Do it well and your cat should hardly even notice what is happening. To encourage the cat to like the operation reinforce good behavior by giving your cat a treat for each successful nail trimmed.

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