Step by Step Guide to DIY Pedicure at Home in Easy Steps

Step by Step Guide to DIY Pedicure at Home in Easy Steps

With the ongoing pandemic, going to the salon has probably become a dream. You will be at risk if you go to the beauty salons right now. But when you can try facial at home, why deprive your feet from the pampering. Are you wondering how you can do that home? Well, when you have us, don’t you worry! We are here with some easy ways to do your pedicure at home. Scroll down to know how to give yourself lovely and soft feet!

DIY Pedicure at Home Service

Who doesn’t like soft and beautiful feet? Are you also one of them? Then go through steps below in detail to know how to do pedicure at home to get soft and crack-free feet.

The steps are as follows:  

Step 1: Prepare nails for a pedicure at home

So, its time to ask your toe remnants to say bye! Use a good nail remover and remove the polish of the last nail paint you used.

To do that: You need to soak a cotton pad or cotton ball in polish remover. Then gently press the soaked-up cotton on each of your nails for a few seconds. Remember not to immediately start rubbing the nail paint off. You need to ensure this to get perfectly smooth removal.

Just a pro tip for you: If you find your nails to have a yellowish-tint, rub on some cuticle oil to reduce the tint.

Step 2: Soak your feet

Why don’t you use this chance to give yourself a spa at home experience? Get some scented candles or an infuser and don’t forget a glass of your favorite wine! You must deserve a lovely time and relaxation, even though you’re at home. Get the ambiance right and then do the following.

Take a tub of warm water and drop in a scoop of kosher salt in it. You will find salons to use many chemical products. But why not try out your pedicure at home remedies. As you add in the salt and some bath salts, gently soak your feet. Keep your feet dipped for around 10-15 minutes before you go onto the following step.

toe nails

Step 3: Removal of Dead Skin

This step may come under your least favorites, but it’s important. If you want soft feet, you must ensure this step is done with utmost dedication.

After about 15 minutes when your feet have soaked and become soft. Remove it from the water and dab your feet with a towel. Take hold of a pumice stone or a foot file.

Now start off from the sides of the heels and all hardened parts of your feet. Scrub it well to take off all the dead cells and dirt from the feet skin. But be sure not to scrub off too hard, or you may cause harm to your skin. You may face irritation and redness later. So, keep a check on how deep or vigorously you start scrubbing.

Step 4: Pedicure at home to remove tan

Who likes to have an uneven skin tone? So, why not use a simple yet easy home remedy to remove the tan and give yourself even skin-tone feet.

Take in some milk, lime juice, and kosher salt in a small bowl. Mix it extremely well and then take hold of a broad brush. Once, your scrubbing is done, dip the brush into the mixture and apply it all over your feet. Remember not to forget the corners of your toes and heels as well. Apply it evenly and leave it on for about 5 minutes. Then, wash it off in lukewarm water and dab it completely dry.

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Step 5: Clean and Trim Toenails

Now you come to the fifth step of your pedicure at home. You’ll already have dead skin and tan free feet. But what about your toenails? Haven’t you seen your beautician to use trimmers and cleaner for your toenails?

Use those trimmers and cleaners to clean the cuticles and nails properly. Also, remember to clean the skin right under your toenails. Those tend to gather dirt with the exposure we give to our feet. When this cleaning process is over it is time to go onto the next step of your pedicure.

Step 6: Give a Shape to your toenails

So now it’s time for some shaping to your nails. Take a nail file and evenly shape out the edges and corners of your toenails. Remember not to rush too much when you’re at this step. Give your toenails the desired shape, and make sure you see they are even. You would definitely not want your nails to be uneven, would you?

Step 7: Apply drops of cuticle oil

You need to pay a little more attention to your cuticles. That is where your nails can grow well and that’s how you get healthy nails. When you’re at step 5 remember to push back the cuticles with the blunt side of the trimmer. You must know that the cuticles, save you from the harmful bacteria. So, the cuticles do need some pampering too!

Add a few drops of cuticle oil and apply it on the cuticles. It will surely give your strong, healthy, and definitely shiny nails too.

Step 8: Massage your feet

You can easily use a body lotion or foot cream for this process. Start massaging your feet, toes, heels, and calves too. Massage yourself with upward strokes and smoothly along with your muscles. You will simply get lost in this step. You are going to love doing this step to the utmost.

Just in case, you run out of any of the salves, try using olive oil or honey instead. It’s going to be pampering, you’re never going to forget. Massaging even circulates the blood flow and opens up the pores of your legs. Hence, giving you healthier feet.

After about 15 minutes of massaging, and when your hands ache a little. Wait for around 5 minutes and then use a cotton pad. Soak it in nail polish remover to wipe out the oily substance on the nails. You need to do this in order to allow your nail polish to apply well. Or else, your nail paint may turn sticky and messy too.

feet massage

Step 9: Put a coat of base

Are you genuinely considering on omitting this step? You definitely need to change your mind then. By applying a layer of base coat on your toenails, you are actually protecting yourself. You are creating a barrier with nail paint and natural oils of your nails. This base coast is important, and you need to apply it. Even though, you are doing a pedicure at home, wouldn’t you still want it to last?

Step 10: Color your toenails

Do you have toe-separators at home? If not, never mind! Take a piece of paper towel or a take a rope and twist it along the gaps of your toes. It will help your nail polish to be applied well enough and not allow it to smudge off at all.

Take any nail paint of your choice, and apply two coats over your toenails. But remember to let your first coat of nail paint to dry off before applying the next one. If you end up painting up the sides of nails, then use a wipe wrapped in a trimmer to clean the mess off. You must apply the nail paint on single strokes only. If you paint abruptly, you might smudge your nail paint.

Step 11: Finally, the Top Coat

Do you want your pedicure at home to get destroyed the very next day? Well, no one would! Once, you’ve put in such a lot of effort in doing your pedicure, protect as long as you can.

After you finish off the 10th step, remember to wait for around 10 to 15mintues. Allow your nail paints to dry off completely. Now, apply one layer of topcoat to secure the polish. You will get nice and shiny nails, that will last you very long.

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As we finish the step by step process of doing a pedicure at home, we have also got you some amazing nail arts you can try. So, you can try some of these nail arts after you have nice and soft feet.

Nail Arts to Try after a Pedicure at Home

Are you thinking your nails are just going to be boring plain colors? Well, we’ve got for you some amazing and innovative nail arts, you can try out at home.

Some easy yet attractive ways to give your pedicure a twist are:

Silver Tipped toenails

A nude nail paint can always get a twist with silver tips. Since our toenails are usually short, it will just look like chic.

Star-studded toenails

Try out drawing small stars on the nails. It requires actually little effort and yet looks amazing. It takes nude nail paints to the next level.

Pearly look Toenails

With a layer of holographic nail paint, and some gold trimming, your feet is going to be eye-catching.

Abstract Toenails

You can simply never go wrong with the abstract. Just apply a coat of white nail polish and pour out your creativity. Apart from all the creativity you are showing on the canvas now, why not try your hands on the toenails too?

Cherry on Toenails

You can simply order some cherry stickers online and try out new designs on your nails.

Butterfly on Toenails

Natural butterfly nails can be really beautiful and cute. Some stickers can never get old. Those little butterflies on your toenails can take your pedicure at home to another level.

Animal-print toenails

Animal prints are always in trend, and you can simply do at any age. Your toenails are going to look classy and attractive too. You can never go wrong with animal prints too. It is an all-time favorite for all!

Black-tweak Toenails

Do you love black? But are you wondering how you are going to wear it during the summers? Well, try out a coat of nude nail paint and then take a black pen. Draw abstract art or any other drawing on your nails. It’ll be a perfect summertime look.

pedicure at home

Tips to Consider to do a Home Pedicure

Once you have made up your mind to do a pedicure at home, go through the points below. Which are:

  • Rather than putting in all your effort in removing the dead skin of feet at once, do it every day. You just need to keep a pumice stone in your bathroom. Whenever you take a shower, rub your feet once. It will keep your feet healthy and even not let dirt gather.
  • Do you love nail color? But it’s wise to keep your nails off it for a while. If you don’t do that, and keep applying nail paint all the time, it can turn brittle. Even more, your nails will be unhealthy and get a yellowish-tint too.
  • If you find your nails to have a distinctive change, then visit a doctor at the earliest. There can be chances of an infection or underlying problem.
  • If you have an injury or have hurt your nails or feet, be extra careful. You must be very vigilant as it might lead to other sores and problems too. In fact, soap, bath salts and lotions can cause further aggravate the wounds. So, it is best to avoid doing a pedicure at home or salon, when you have an injury.
  • You might love the look and feel of a fish spa. You may indulge in it but it can be unsafe for you. It may lead to hepatitis C or HIV. So, be cautious.

Last Thoughts

Just a little bit of effort and using some home remedies, you can get soft smooth and healthy feet. More so, with the amazing nail arts, we’ve given you, your pedicure at home is going to be awesome. Go ahead and try out all the designs, but remember to keep your nails free from paint at times. Enjoy a lovely pedicure and give yourself all the pampering you were missing all this while!

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