What do you need to know about Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?

What do you need to know about Brazilian butt lift in Turkey?

The fashion on the taut and volume buttocks is among the hottest ones. Women from all over the world want to change their butt shape, and modern techniques allow doing it fast and without wasting much money. One of such options is Brazilian butt lift (BBL), a procedure to enlarge the shape and size of buttocks without implants but with own patient fat. As a result, you can get rid of fat deposits in problem areas and transfer them to your butts.

If you are looking at the place where to perform Brazilian butt lift at the highest level, Turkey may be the best option for you. You may ask, ‘Why?’. And these are the answers:

  • Low price. Turkey is among the few countries where you can get high-qualitative Brazilian butt procedure at affordable price. For example, BBL in Turkey will cost you around $3,500, but the same procedure in the USA — starting $6,500.
  • Experienced doctors. Turkish doctors permanently train to apply cutting-edge technologies in plastic surgery and compete with leading world specialists. A lot of local doctors are members of prestigious organizations in cosmetology and plastic surgery that allows them keeping up with the latest developments.
  • Package offers. One more benefit of choosing Turkey for Brazilian butt ara package price (see all details here). It means the cost already covers such expenses as pickup at the airport, hotel stay, interpreter speaking your language. It may save you up to 20-30% additionally.

How is Brazilian butt lift performed?

Brazilian butt lift is conducted in 2 main steps:

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Step 1. Fat collecting. Liposuction is used for some problem patient areas (belly, neck, hips) to collect the fat. Then these fat cells are refined and selected the best ones to process Brazilian butt.

Step 2. Fat injection. When the fat is selected, it is injected into the buttocks to make them bigger and bubbled-shaped.

During the operation, a patient is anesthetized, to avoid discomfort or pain. The total duration of the procedure is 90-120 minutes.

What is the cost?

On average, the cost of Brazilian butt lift in Turkey ranges from $3,500 to $4,500. This price may be lower or higher depending on a clinic and physician’s experience. The big bonus is that for this price you receive not only a new shape of your body part. You also won’t wonder about such things as accommodation or transfer as far as they are already included in the bill. Such an all-inclusive service is the main Turkish feature.

As you see, Turkey is a great combination of highly-professional plastic surgeons and affordability. Choosing this country for a Brazilian butt lift, you will receive the new shape of your buttocks a will have the chance to enjoy local hospitality and nature. All you need is to find a qualified doctor and specialized to be satisfied with the result. Always read plastic surgeons’ CVs, reviews and ask for before and after photos.

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