December 1999Drew Gilmore of North Carolina is the winner of the Spock vs. Q CD signed by both Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie. He knew the answer was Thomas Riker (Will Riker’s transporter clone) who first said Tough little ship in the DS9 episode Defiant.

November 1999Mark Peterson of Massachusetts is the winner of the Star Trek: Sticker Book signed by Mike and Denise Okuda. His question to the Okudas can be found in the Ask the Okudas Section.

October 1999Tim Hansen of New York is the winner of the hardback Star Trek: Encyclopedia. There was no question this month because we were celebrating the belated start of our third year.

September 1999Benjamin Ash of the UK is the winner of This One’s From the Heart, the James Darren/Vic Fontaine CD (from DS9) and the Star Trek Insurrection soundtrack. He knew the Enterprise E was actually launched on Stardate 49827.5 (see scan of actual dedication plaque prop in the Database Section).

August 1999Basilio Valdez of Texas is the winner of the signed Scotty/James Doohan photo. He knew the graphic below was from a bottle of the Cardassian drink Kanar.

July 1999(I lost the name) of Canada is the winner of the Captain’s Tribute Plate from the Hamilton Collection. He knew it was Tom Paris who dreamed of having crown roast of lamb when freed from the Akritirian prison satillite as seen in the episode The Chute.

June 1999David Mann of Ohio is the winner of the Star Trek Sketchbook: The Original Series from Pocket Books. He knew Regulation 46A stated: If transmissions are being monitored during a batttle, no uncoded transmissions on an open channel. (As per Star Trek II: TWOK).

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May 1999Ken Upton of California is the winner of the CD-ROM Game Star Trek Pinball by Interplay. She was the random voter that won. The LCARS: Fedeartion Databank’s Site of the Year Award winner is The Star Trek Singularity.

April 1999Dayton Ward of Missouri is the winner of the signed Chase Masterson photo. He knew Kirk had violated 17 seperate regulations by the year 2373 (As per Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Trials and Tribble-ations).

March 1999Hedy Weiss of Toronto is the winner of the box of Fleer Star Trek: TOS CCG Booster Packs. He knew the proper responce to Queen to Queen’s Level 3 was Queen to King愀 Level 1 from the Original Series episode Whom Gods Destroy.

February 1999Scott Myrick of Virginia is the winner of the autographed photo of oxann Dawson. He knew that in the animated series episode The Practical Joker was where a holodeck-like-room made it’s first appearance.

January 1999Kuo Sung “Eric” Swei of Texas is the winner of the Star Trek: The Game Show from Sound Source Interactive. He knew it was Worf who had taken a mud bath with Deanna Troi in the Holodeck in the TNG episode Cost of Living.

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