December 2000Robert Walker of Utah is the winner of the CD-Rom PC Game Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Collector’s Edition and it’s Strategy Guide. He knew Seska was trying to make mushroom soup for Chakotay when she raided the food stores and subsequently had her replicator rations taken away for two days.

November 2000Michael Douglas of Florida is the winner of the 8.5″ x 11″ 24th Century Computer Panel replica, as seen for sale here. He knew it was Captain Picard who was walking past the conference room windows in the opening sequence of TNG.

October 2000Leonard A. Snowden of Massachusetts is the winner of the Star Trek: Voyager 12″ x 16″ mini print by Dru Blair, courtesy of Lightspeed Fine Arts, Inc. He knew is was the USS Saratoga from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home in which we saw the first female starship captain.

September 2000Richard Coyle of Arizona is the winner of the rare (only 1,966 of these steins were made) Errand of Mercy Klingon Stein produced by Dram Tree. He knew it was Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird himself, who said I put meatloaf in the oven, and now there’s turkeys, real live turkeys! in the episode Charlie X.

August 2000In celebration of out third year on the internet, we gave away the following prizes (There was not a question asked this month):

Star Trek: First Contact DVD: Todd McCubbin of California
A signed Grace Lee Whitney/Janice Rand Photo: Daniel Garcia of California
Star Trek: The Motion Picture CD: Beaman Kolb of Florida
Star Trek: Best of Trek Volume I CD: Justin King of Ireland
Star Trek: Best of Trek Volume II CD: Scott Zeller of Wisconson
The Klingon Language CD: Joshua D. Wright of Texas
Star Trek vs. The X-Men Comics, Both Issues: Brandon Metchooyeah of Canada
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Red Beam Hologram: Jeff Gillette of Massachusetts
Locutus/Borg Drone 2 Figure Pack: Robert C. Cotton of Florida
Star Trek TNG: The Continuing Mission by J. & G. Reeves-Stevens:

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Frank van der Werf of the Netherlands & O.S. of New Jersey
The Official Star Trek United States Postage Stamp:
David Steele of Ohio & Mark Perew of California
A signed Chase Masterson/Leeta Deep Space Nine CCG Poster:
Kelley Laughlin of Illinois, Floyd Moody of Minnesota, John Bezzina of Malta,
HoLun Wong of Texas, Morgan Stephant of France & Charles Smith of
Star Trek Armada CD-Rom Game: Steve Jarvis of Australia

July 2000James Mose of New Zealand is the winner of the plate NCC-1701-E by Keith Birdsong from the Star Trek: Voyages of the Starship Enterprise from the Hamilton Collection. He knew the graphic below is a self-sealing stembolt from Deep Space Nine.

June 2000Caren Feldman of Virginia is the winner of the computer games Star Trek: Birth of the Federation and Star Trek: Hidden Evil. She knew the Borg refer to Humans as species 5618.

May 2000Ira Babb of Texas is the winner of the signed Tim Russ/Tuvok photograph. He knew it was an Altonian Brain Teaser (from the DS9 episode A Man Alone) that is an holographic puzzle which responds to neural theta waves; the goal being to turn a floating multicolor sphere into a solid color.

April 2000Diana Lingholt of British Columbia, Canada is the winner of the 3 CD Box Set Star Trek: Music From The Original Television Soundtracks, Vols. I, II & III. She knew it was King Abdullah Bin-Al Hussein of Jordan who is the self-proclaimed Star Trek fan. The King, when he was a Prince, even had a walk on part in the Voyager episode Investigations as a medical technician.

March 2000Ken Quick of Ohio is the winner of the the 11×20 MiniPrint New Borg City by Robert Stromberg donated by Light Speed Fine Arts. He knew it was Guinan in the TNG episode Rascals who said That’s the wonderful thing about crayons… they can take you to more places than a starship.

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February 2000Jeanette Jackson of Ontario is the winner of the The Nitpicker’s Guide for Next Generation Trekkers parts one, two and three (9 tapes / 13.5 hours running time total). She knew that the quote Nothing Unreal Exists was Kiri-kin-tha’s first law of Metaphysics, which Spock quoted in a memory test in 2286 (in Star Trek IV).

January 2000Michael Kukielka of Michigan is the winner of the 3 Next Generation CD Boxed Set. He knew the Temporal Field Frequency of 1.47 was from the Voyager episodes Before and After and subsequently Year of Hell.

1.47 is the temporal field frequency of the Krenim chroniton torpedo. During the year of hell, the crew of Voyager is infected by chroniton particles. Five years after the events in Year of Hell, the Doctor attempts to develop a procedure to extend Kes’ lifespan. The experiment activates dormant chroniton particles in Kes’ body throwing her out of temporal sync. Once Kes has provided the temporal variance of 1.47, B’Elanna devises a plan to purge the chronitons out of Kes’ body using anti-chronitons. The procedure is successful.

The frequency of 1.47 microseconds was also mentioned in Year of Hell as Seven of Nine scanned a undetonated torpedo stuck in the hull before it exploded in Tuvok’s face. The frequency was used to develop a shielding technology so that Voyager could protect themselves from the torpedos and changes in the timeline.

It should be noted that Joe Menosky is responsible for putting the 47 in 1.47. He tries to fit it in where ever he can on the show. The tradition goes back to The Next Generation.

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