Protein Rich Food for Weight Loss and Muscle Building

Protein Rich Food for Weight Loss and Muscle Building

Every one of us needs proteins to keep growing. Proteins help your body transform. For this reason, they are often called the building blocks of growth. It would help if you had the required intake of protein to stay healthy. To grow by your true potential, you must make sure you have enough protein in your diet. Protein rich food is good for injury repair. For this reason, you will find that the post-surgery diet has an abundance of protein. The amino acids that make up proteins make sure that you do not feel weak throughout the day.

If you frequent your nearby gym, your instructor might have put you on a whey diet. This is because whey is rich in sources of protein that is easy for you to digest. Do not worry if you have a weak constitution; the protein diet prescribed at your gym is thoughtful. You will notice that bodybuilders often have pancakes after a heavy workout. This is their staple diet because they take it without sugar. Have you ever seen a severe bodybuilder put maple syrup in his diet?

Non-vegans can quickly fulfill their quota of protein rich food because the meat is abundant in protein. However, you have no reason to worry if you are a vegan. Lots of vegan alternatives that are as useful as animal protein. For instance, have you heard of soy milk? This milk, derived from soya beans, is as effective as cow milk. However, if you are a non-vegan and health-conscious, you should go for the 2-percent milk available in supermarkets. Let us now look at vegan and non-vegan choices at protein rich food.

Sources of Protein for Vegans and Non-Vegans

It is common knowledge that non-vegans derive their share of protein from fish and meat. Vegans, on the other hand, depend on milk products. Although it seems like an antithesis, milk is a good protein source even after you skim it. The moment milk is used in its cheese or whey form, its benefits increase. We will now look at the variety of meat and fish that non-vegans should eat to their advantage.

Kinds of Meat

In the search for protein rich food, beef and pork should be sparingly used. Although the popular breakfast is unthinkable without bacon, it is time to change habits. Red meat is especially detrimental to health because, in its presence, cholesterol levels shoot up. To prevent the unbridled increase of bad cholesterol, you can opt for fish abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. This element is an excellent counter-attack on LDL, which is called bad cholesterol because of its notoriety in blocking arteries.

Fish That You Should Have—Tuna

The first name that comes to mind while talking about protein rich food is the yellowfin tuna fish. The best part about tuna is that it provides you with a lot of high-quality protein. This kind of protein is lightweight, and your body can digest it even with average metabolism. The antioxidants present in tuna can help your body to get rid of toxins already present in the body. Selenium, which is present in small amounts in the tuna fish, helps in the formation of digestive enzymes. Go for the tuna that is caught using a pole if possible. Avoiding canned fish is important because they often contain dangerous elements like mercury.

Light Tuna

Frugal fish lovers favor this variety of fish because it is good for the pocket. However, that does not mean that it is not suitable for the body. This variety is better than the white tuna because you can cook light tuna in virtually no oil. The oil it exudes is enough to cook it and prepare a healthy stock, in which you can cook veggies. Since the light tuna is low calorie, you must combine it with high-value veggies. If possible, add a generous amount of olive so that you keep full for a more extended time. Remember, you must keep your stomach full for the most part of the day to avoid ulcers.


Halibut is another fish that you might think of adding to your diet. This fish is incredibly popular among bodybuilders because it is a protein rich food. For this reason, it aids in building muscle. The rapid development of muscles adds to the bulk in the body, rendering a stern look. Apart from the protein content, halibut has just the right percentage of fat. Do not worry; you would not accumulate this fat, and it would not block your arteries.

Sockeye Salmon

If you can get your hands on sockeye salmon, there is nothing better than it. As opposed to its farmed cousin, the sockeye variety has a better taste. Moreover, the protein content is higher and uncontaminated. The omega-3 fatty acids found in this variety of fish are long-chained, which means that it is more effective. It would help if you looked for the sockeye with its skin intact, as it will add a unique flavor to the broth.


You have probably heard of this fish in its association with Asian markets. If so, you are right in recognizing the fish. However, you should make sure that you do not purchase the Asian variety. They are often farmed under unhygienic conditions that contaminate the fish. Go for locally caught tilapia, a protein-rich food, and are mild tasting but great for muscle nutrition. American tilapia is the best in the world because it is fresh and unadulterated. This happens mainly because the demand is much lower as opposed to Asia.


These fish can be the best addition to your list of fishes. The reason for this is that it is the lowest in mercury content. You must have seen the huge shoals of sardines on TV. Fascinating, aren’t they? Since they are placed low in the food chain, they eat only plankton and have next to no chances to accumulate mercury. However, it would help if you kept in mind that these fishes have a strong taste. Therefore, you should mix them with mashed potatoes or any veggies that can neutralize its flavor.

Meat That You Should Have—Turkey

Turkey is probably one of the best varieties of meat that you can find. Together with chicken, they form the bulk of the low-calorie protein-rich food beneficial for your body. You might surmise that this reason is sufficient for having made the preferred meat during Thanksgiving. However, in the best-case scenario, you should look for locally bred turkey. The bird is infamously treated with antibiotics by the big corporations. It can be detrimental to your health. Make sure that you treat the meat with brine before you cook it. Further, you can stuff the turkey with veggies to replace the bland flavor with a sumptuous taste.

Corned Beef

This variety of beef has the right combination of taste and nutrition value. Make sure you add the necessary zing to the meat by combining it with mustard and broccoli. Add as much chopped veggies as you can, and serve it with rice. This meal is a full course in itself as it is a protein rich food.

Beef Jerky

Do you miss the guilt trips you had while you gorged on chips? Well, this variety of salted beef can satiate your cravings to a good extent. However, make it an exception rather than a rule. Also, make sure that you buy your product from a reputed brand. Otherwise, these types of beef tend to contain nitrates that are detrimental to your health.

Ground Beef

If you feel iffy about having meat, you can go for ground beef low in fat. These kinds of beef are generally used in meatloaves and toppings, and even for making meatballs. If you can afford it, go for organic meat to cut down on the chemicals present in the meat. The factory generated meat is best avoided, keeping in mind the heart diseases they are supposed to provoke.

Pork Chops

Although they are a bit expensive, they are rich in amino acids. Therefore, you can go for pork chops once in a while. Also, you can go for ground pork that you can use in your Shepherd’s Pie. To sum up, pork is an excellent source of protein. If you are a meat lover, feel free to experiment with pork as you experiment with beef. However, keep in mind that you are dealing with red meat. Although beneficial, you should have them with due discretion.


If you have followed the caveat mentioned before, go for fresh chicken. Canned chicken amounts to processed food that contains preservatives. The simple reason for this is that these products are meant to last a while. However, if they are unsold for some time, they will rot. Although the preservatives are good for business, it is bad for health. Research shows that preservatives can adversely affect the human heart.

In these times of rising medical bills, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Proteins That Cause Weight Loss

When we talk about proteins capable of causing weight loss, we mainly talk about protein rich food for vegetarians. The method by which the weight loss is achieved is 100% natural. Rather than aiming at weight loss itself, the philosophy is to look at holistic well being. What causes weight gain in the first place? The answer is accumulated fat. How do you get fat? Accumulation occurs because you have a skewed metabolism, which does not allow complete digestion.

Therefore, we need to look at vegetarian alternatives like whey, cheese, yogurt, lentils, and beans, among other things. These foods make sure that you have enough protein and fibers. The abundance of these two in your body means that you have the right nutrients to nourish you while ensuring a sound bowel movement. Whey and cheese are the best alternatives to milk because they have a low-calorie protein that you can digest quickly. However, this does not mean you should follow a non-veg diet only. Chicken and fish are lightweight animal protein that you must consume unless you are a vegan. The best part about fish is that they are even suitable for your heart. Therefore, animal protein has quite an edge here over vegan protein.

What Should be the Balanced Diet?

Keeping all kinds of diets in mind, you can safely say that there is no singular rule to healthy living. If the non-vegans have their meat, then the vegans have their whey. However, the advantage with non-vegans is they can fall back on vegan food for a while to nurse their constitution. The vegans do not have such luxuries. Although, vegans have a lesser risk of overdoing it as far as their heart health is concerned. Therefore, they do not need a falling back as such.

However, vegans must be careful about keeping their stomach full. Often, it so happens that they do not care if they are on an empty stomach. This mistake is an honest one because vegans digest their food in no time. It is very difficult to keep track of metabolism in such cases. The best way to counter this problem is to eat in installments. Carrying food while traveling is a good option for keeping the belly full. Nuts are the right choice for snacking.


Therefore, the rule of the thumb is to stay fit. Whether you are a vegan or not, exercising is a must to remain in good health. Whatever your food habit is, it is best to maintain a balance. The best balance is to have all the essential nutrients in the diet. To ensure this, you can talk to your physician and ask him/her for a high-protein foods list for weight loss. If you follow that chart with a rigorous approach, nothing can stop you from being in shape for a long period.

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