“Space, the Final Frontier”

The Federation, although a large unification of planets, plays such an insignificant part in the overall operation of the galaxy known as the Milky Way.

The Star Trek galaxy is divided into four quadrants; the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Quadrant. The United Federation of Planets is primarily located in the Alpha Quadrant with a few distant worlds falling just outside into the Beta quadrant. Earth currently exists in the Alpha quadrant. Below is a description of some of the more important planets or areas of space for each quadrant…

The Alpha Quadrant

This area of space contains the most part of the Federation member planets, including Earth. Deep Space Nine and Bajor currently exist in this quadrant along with Vulcan. Even in the 24th Century, most of this region remains unexplored!

The Beta Quadrant

This area of space also remains mostly unexplored and contains the Klingon and Romulan Star Empire.This area also contains some member planets of the Federation.

The Delta Quadrant

Virtually unexplored, the Delta quadrant is so far from the Federation that no Starships can travel out that far. Although brief encounters with this quadrant have occurred due to alien intervention, the only Federation Starship in the area is the starship Voyager. Also thrown into this area of space due to an alien force, the ship has seventy years travel in front of her until it reaches the Federation.

The Borg homeworld can also be found here along with many other planets encountered by Voyager.

The Gamma Quadrant

Another area of the Milky Way galaxy which remains for the most part unexplored. The discovery of the stable artificial wormhole in Bajoran space which links the Alpha to the Gamma quadrant has meant that exploration of this part of the galaxy is now possible.

Planets in this area of space include the founders homeworld and many more.

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