Remember to Buy UTV Tires as Well This Holiday Season

Remember to Buy UTV Tires as Well This Holiday Season

Off-roading in winter requires different gear than hitting the trails during warmer weather. Sure, that statement seems obvious, but a holistic approach ensures that you don’t forget crucial UTV parts and mods. As you’re making your list and checking it twice, it’s time to think about your tires, exhaust parts and other important components.

Tires are probably at the top of your gear list when the mercury dips. Thanks to some key features, they provide critical traction on snow- and ice-packed ground. So what should you look for when you’re shopping? Wider width tires with tread that behaves like sand paddles. Why? Because you want to ride more on top of the snow, not dig deep into it like a strictly mud tire does. Some great picks include a few solid all-terrain performers plus some models that aren’t made specifically for snow:

  • Kenda K299 Bear Claw – wide 6-ply carcass and longitudinal all-terrain tread
  • ITP Holeshot – beefy carcass with sturdy sidewalls and exceptional puncture resistance
  • Maxxis M918 Bighorn – wide footprint, 6-ply carcass and radial construction

If you want more, you can always check out UTV tires on sale and look at the retailer’s recommended snow tire picks.

Grab an Exhaust for Your UTVs

No matter what the weather, your UTV’s exhaust system must be kept in top shape. But your engine needs plenty of power to move efficiently over snowy ground. If you haven’t yet upgraded the exhaust, the holiday season is an ideal time to get this done. You want to help your engine breathe better, but you should also select exhaust for UTVs designed for extreme temperatures. HMF Engineering’s Titan Slip-Ons are great examples – they’re crafted from 304 stainless steel, which is less thermally conductive and offers higher corrosion resistance. The Titan also features a mechanical core design that balances improved flow with optimal sound levels.

Go to 2Wheel for the Some of the Best UTV Parts

Tires and exhaust components are important, but a few other essentials help you prep your UTV for winter. Unless you love being exposed to subzero temps and frigid winds, you’re going to need a cab enclosure. Super-strong materials and excellent visibility are vital, and Classic Accessories’ can enclosures definitely make the grade. They sport durable UV-resistant ProtekxTM Extreme fabric with PVC backings and crystal-clear PVC windshields. Installing a cab heater also keeps your interiors toasty warm. Quadboss’s UTV Cab Heater is a solid pick – it is easy to install, taps into your vehicle’s coolant system and sports a rear heater core. It’s a vehicle-specific part, so have your make, model and year ready when ordering your heater kit.

So now you’ve got several ideas for making your UTV more winter-friendly. Check out 2Wheel for a huge selection of five-star UTV parts: tires, exhaust, cab enclosures, brake components and many more. What makes 2Wheel a top destination for powersports parts and accessories? Its Best Price Guarantee gives you great savings on thousands of items every day – not to mention its A+ rating from the BBB and fast, free shipping with 1- to 3-Day delivery. Enjoy convenient online shopping, low prices and world-class service from 2Wheel.

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