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result of the Sphere-Builder’s influence. This explains much as to why there is such an underlying animosity and mistrust between the members of the Council. Theirs is not a friendly alliance but one of necessity. It also explains why someone like Gralik, the Arboreal in “The Shipment”, would be upset that his kemocite was to be used to create a super-weapon and why he would trust Archer and sabotage the kemocite.” Also: ” Trip is forced to face and deal with the death of Taylor, one of his engineers, which causes his unresolved grief for his sister’s death to resurface.”

“Zero Hour”, the season finale, was a bit of a disappointment in that happened all too quickly. It would have been better if there had been 26 episodes instead of 24 as that could have added more complexity and suspense leading up to the climax of the arc. The ending with the Nazi left me wondering what the heck will happen and while some didn’t like it, I did. Linda Park does a good job here as the distraught Hoshi. The fight between Archer and Dolim is also good. Kroeker’s direction is noteworthy as the episode is well-paced throughout. From the review: “I enjoyed this episode although there was nothing really original in it and it was for the most part very predictable. Nonetheless it was fun and it certainly leaves us with an interesting set-up for season four. I just hope that the events of this arc aren’t forgotten next year and that the changes that have occured to the characters don’t disappear.”


“Rajiin” and from my review: “This episode reminded me of the original series a number of times. For one, we get to see some sexily-clad, alien babes. We also see the Captain getting seduced. How many times did we see Kirk getting seduced by some scantily-dressed alien woman? Of course this being 2003 and not the 60’s, we get to see the alien babes’ behinds although the mini-skirts in TOS came darn close to doing that too and we see not only the Captain being seduced but female crewmembers as well. The music in the scenes with Archer and Rajiin is also reminiscent of TOS. This is all good in my opinion in that the show is squarely aimed at an older audience much like TOS was and I like it and any reminder of TOS is fine by me. Some people might be a little squeamish at letting their kids watch the show what with quasi-lesbian scenes like we see in this episode but I say, it’s about time the reality of the times be shown to kids as well as adults. It’s not like we saw anything really unusual here. It’s been done on shows like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and many other prime-time shows as well when it’s expected that kids are watching.” Also: “Another thing that kept running through my mind was the name chosen for the sex-slave. I kept thinking Rajiin as in *raging* hormones and could just picture the writing team playing with the name.”

From my review of “Countdown”: “A well-directed episode that maintains a good pace throughout although it is mostly a filler setting up the finale but it is entertaining nonetheless.” And: ” I don’t usually notice the sound effects but I did this time, most notably the sound of the drill as it cut a hole into Hoshi’s skull. There’s just something about drills

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