Seven Simple Tricks You Can Do With Your Lighter

Seven Simple Tricks You Can Do With Your Lighter

When you are planning on using lighters as a part of your marketing, you need to consider what people can do with them. You may make products that will be used with a lighter, or you may own a company that has the same personality as a lighter. You want to fit your marketing with your company, and you also need to remember that you can have these products designed in any style that you like.

1. What Do Your Lighters Look Like?

Branded lighters can either carry a message or a have an optical illusion on the exterior. You could add patterns to the lighter that have words hidden in the lines and curves that were drawn. You could put half of a quote on one side and the other half on the other side. You may also put half of a joke on one side and complete the joke on the other side.  If you are an iPhone user then you also perform some simple trick with it such as screen mirroring iPhone and surprise your audience.

2. Wax Seals

People do not send letters like they used to, but you may want to go back to the days of the wax seal. Any letter or memo that you send could have the seal included, and you should have a metal stamp that will create an emblem with the melting wax from your candle. You can use a lighter to melt that wax, and you can actually keep your hand away from the wax by turning up the power on the lighter so that you get a much taller flame.

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3. The Flamethrower

You can use the lighter to light a flame from a spray can if you are someone who works in special events or hosts events/parties. There are a lot of people who need a good lighter for this process because it needs to light quickly. You could also turn up the lighter so that you can hold the lighter in front of the stream while keeping your hand away from the flame.

4. Smoke Rings

You can light your lighter, blow it out, and blow smoke rings through the smoke that is left behind. You can learn how to blow smoke rings without smoking, and this will be a very good thing for you to learn if you would like to practice party tricks. You can keep the lighter with you at all times, and you can practice when you are outside and have a few moments to yourself.

5. The Spin

When you light your lighter and learn how to spin it between your fingers, you will look like you are a fire dancer at a show in the islands. Plus, this is a fun trick to learn because you are spinning the flame between your thumb and first finger where you have plenty of space and do not need to worry about burning yourself.

6. The Pop Cap

When you are popping open your lighter, you get the distinctive click that you are used to in movies. This click alone makes you feel cool because you used a flick of the wrist to open the top of the lighter. You need to light the lighter immediately, and it all depends on which finger you would like to use. Some people will light with their thumb, but other people will flip open their lighter knuckles and reach over with their other hand to light. This is a fun trick that will make you feel cool.

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7. Upside Down

When you hold the lighter upside down in your hand, you can up your fingers to open the top, turn down the lighter into your hand, and light it in one motion. This is a very smooth motion that has the lighter standing up straight when you are done. Plus, it is easier to do so that it will not look too flashy or obvious when you do it.


There are a number of people who want to get lighter and learn a few tricks. Each person who is trying to learn lighter tricks can look through this list to see which tricks are easiest for them to learn. You can watch videos, and you could even suggest these tricks for your customers who just got lighters with your brand name on them.

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