Six ways to make sleeping easier for people with pain

Six ways to make sleeping easier for people with pain

Going to bed is a retreat for all of us. We relax our body and senses and are finally able to let go of our tiredness from the day. But not everybody has that luxury. People who suffer from pain, either chronic or temporary, often have a hard time sleeping well. At times, the pain can be more intense at night time, and sleeping itself can become very difficult. If you’re looking to break that cycle of tiredness and get a good night’s sleep, read on to find some great tips that you can implement in your daily life.

1. Change your mattress

The first step into making sure you can finally sleep well is changing your mattress. Believe it or not, your mattress may be contributing to your discomfort. This is because, over time, mattresses lose their bounce and start compressing, which makes it hard and less pliant to the body. Consider switching over to a softer mattress that will mould itself to your physique. For instance, you can take a glimpse at this king size platform bed mattress. It’s firm yet fluffy, which will undoubtedly make you feel much better and lower your discomfort.

2.  Try out a gentle workout

Although it may seem like a far fetch, a  round of gentle exercise and stretching before bed can help you sleep significantly better. A moderate intensity set of exercises or yoga can help relieve pain by stretching out your joints and muscles. This will ease your pain and aches. Not just that, but it’ll also tire you out which will also ensure that you sleep properly. You can also consider a Sleep Republic mattress.

3.  Invest in special sleeping aids

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A great way to make sure you’re sleeping well is to put your money into specialised bedroom accessories that are meant for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. These products are designed specifically to provide you relief so that you can sleep better. You can check this article for the best mattress for back pain relief, which has all the information that people with back pain need, to buy the best eco friendly mattress. Similarly, those with other kinds of ailments can also find products suited to their needs.

4. Try out relaxation methods

Before you tuck yourself in for the night, try out some techniques to relax. This can involve drinking a cup of chamomile tea, or a nice warm bath. You can even opt for lighting some candles and incense. The reason behind this all is to relax your mind and senses so that your consciousness can ignore the pain, and you have an easier time falling asleep. 

5. Purchase a good pillow

On the same lines as before, the right kind of pillow can also make a big difference in the quality of sleep you have. For those who suffer from pain, specially designed pillows that are medically proven to lower aches are a godsend, and one should surely invest in them. For example, those who suffer from shoulder and neck pain can check out these memory foam pillows for neck pain. The foam material helps keep the neck aligned and elevated, thus easing the pain. 

6. Stop thinking of the discomfort

We often tend to amplify our pain or discomfort by continually thinking about it. This can lead to us feeling the pain more than there is. It can also stress one out further and make sleep harder to reach. Try meditating on your bed for a few minutes before you sleep to centre yourself. You can even allow your brain to run free and go over the events of the day or even the plot of your favourite book or movie so that you’re not focusing on the pain. Eventually, you’ll be lulled into sleep.

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