The cyber security threats every company must protect against in 2020

The cyber security threats every company must protect against in 2020

As technology advances, it can make our working lives so much more efficient, but it can also open doors for criminals to take advantage of weak systems if security is not strong enough.

Cynet polled over 1,000 cybersecurity professionals, who returned the three issues they are most expecting to tackle in 2020.

Weaponized email attachments

Phishing scams are as old as the World Wide Web, but scammers are refining their techniques all the time. For every billionaire uncle that wants to leave you a chunk of his fortune, there are now emails posing as many official bodies, brands and even your colleagues.

The advances in AI can enable hackers to mimic corporate language specific to your company, as well as email templates and address structures.

All this makes phishing tougher to spot and raises the chances of people falling into the trap of that costly attachment click.


Ransomware sees hackers deny user access to their system until a sum of money is paid. Having typically been the target of individuals, big businesses are now at risk and the WannaCry attack in 2017, which targeted the NHS among others, is the biggest example of high-profile ransomware to date. 

The NHS was left with a bill approaching £100million after IT access was blocked in 80 Trusts, forcing approximately 19,000 appointments to be canceled.

With so much system data and tools across industries now residing online, protecting against hackers has never been more crucial, or more potentially devastating.

Banking trojans

Protecting against financial fraud is at the forefront for any business or individual and the area remains sensitive to manage. 

Trojans take many forms, whether an app, email attachment or something with an appearance of a useful purpose could, in fact, be malware designed to steal bank account details and other sensitive information.

Slow-loading web pages, sluggish system start-up and unexpected requests for credentials or bank details are all signs that a machine has been successfully targeted. 

How can I protect my business from these threats?

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Keeping software updated, enforcing regular password changes from all employees, conducting regular audits and restricting access to the most sensitive data held by your company are essentials in the fight against cybercrime.

Putting your faith in off-the-shelf solutions may not be enough, especially if your business operates in a high-risk sector, so employing experts like Withers is the best way to guarantee protection against outside threats.

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