The technology that powers state-of-the-art live dealer casinos

The technology that powers state-of-the-art live dealer casinos

Until recently, online casinos could only provide video-based casino games in animated format. However, thanks to the rapid proliferation of live casino technology, many of the leading online casino operators can now provide a more immersive real-time experience modeled on a land-based casino setup.

In this article, we’ll determine the technological advancements that have helped improve the authenticity of classic live table games like roulette and blackjack on your home computer or even on your mobile devices.

The components that make 24/7 live casino games possible

The heartbeat of any live dealer casino game is its game control unit (GCU). Every table managed by a live dealer is attached to a GCU. This helps to encode the live stream of the action to the screens of players in real-time. Without a GCU, it wouldn’t be possible for games to flow.

Speaking of live streaming, to facilitate the best possible view of the action, most tables also have multiple camera angles. This is particularly common at the live roulette tables where players can choose from top-down views of the roulette wheel or the table itself. 

These high-definition (HD) cameras work flawlessly with the GCU to provide live views of the action that are virtually as good as what you can see when playing at a land-based casino.

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Using the advanced OCR technology for Games

Most live casino studios also integrate optical character recognition (OCR) technology with their broadcasts. OCR technology makes it possible to translate everything that happens on the table into a digital format that can be overlaid on-screen for players to interact with. 

For instance, blackjack tables will use OCR to read the value of the next card dealt to players before displaying its value on-screen. It all helps with providing players with as much real-time information as possible to make informed betting decisions.

The above-screen monitors are also a godsend for live dealers who can see what their active players can view through their computer screens. It enables dealers to keep up with the online betting action and support players that may be struggling with the rules or just slowing down the game.

If you want the best possible choice of live dealer casino games then make sure you visit 888 casino. This site is a partner of all the major live casino studios, including Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, to deliver an unrivaled, uninterrupted service managed by fully licensed and trained dealers. The best live casino studios like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are typically located in Europe, most notably the island of Malta, which has become the continent’s iGaming hub in recent years.

The importance of a charismatic dealer

Most live dealers are given several days of professional training to get to grips with the game dynamics and live casino technology. Dealers don’t just need to be au fait with the rules of the most popular card games, they need personality and charisma too. 

To create that authentic land-based casino experience, live casino players need to feel entertained and engaged. Live dealers that make every hand or spin fun typically last the course. There’s also a string of live casino game shows that require ‘hosts’ rather than dealers, who can provide a sense of razzmatazz and glamour.

No longer do players need to get in the car and drive to their nearest casino to play their favorite card games, which is a godsend in the current global climate. Live casino technologies are up there with other mobile entertainment advancements like Remote Play for the PS4, offering convenience and authenticity to provide an extra dimension to iGaming operators.

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