Top 5 Best Boutique Hotels in Christchurch

Christchurch, known for its eclectic mix of historic beauty and contemporary culture, is a must-see for any paying a visit to New Zealand’s South Island. As with any memorable trip, your accommodations will play a big part in your experience in this iconic city. With an alluring range of luxury lodges and hotels to choose from, make your stay one remember. Without further ado, here, in no particular order, are the top 5 finest boutique hotels in Christchurch you can enjoy:

  1. The George

As the only five-star luxury hotel with a one-to-one staff to guest ratio, one can expect only the finest service offered at this remarkable hotel. Located in the heart of Christchurch overlooking the picturesque Hagley Park and the Avon River, one only needs to open their window to enjoy the natural beauty that the hotel has to offer. To top off its splendid view, The George has won numerous culinary awards since 2013 for its two separate restaurants, 50 Bistro and Pescatore. The boutique’s extensive facilities even provide venues, catering, and accommodation for events from full-scale weddings and corporate events to smaller private celebrations. There is even something for fans of contemporary art, as the hotel curates its own art collection from some of New Zealand’s most evocative artists, blending history and art together seamlessly. Furthermore, the hotel provides its guests with its very own private garden, library, and gym, perfect for those who want a chill night inside to rest and recuperate.

  1. The Classic Villa

With its hallmark pink exterior and charming townhouse structure, The Classic Villa has achieved Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence an astounding 8 times since 2011 and clinched a spot in its esteemed Hall of Fame. It also received the Qualmark 5-star Gold Award for its excellent accommodations and environmentally-friendly practices. Nestled on a quaint and quiet boulevard mere minutes away by foot from the Art Museum, Botanical Gardens, and the central shopping district, travelers can enjoy a good night’s sleep a stone’s throw away from the city center. The rich accommodation offers 15 rooms, each room christened after an important historical figure. For example, Room 3 is also known as the Kate Sheppard Room, which was named after Kate Sheppard, leader of the campaign that allowed New Zealand to be the first country to grant women over the age of 21 the right to vote. The hotel also provides its signature complimentary continental breakfast and a 15-inch Macbook Pro in every room, complete with a printer and scanner, for both short and long-term business or holiday trips.

  1. Eliza’s Manor
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Eliza’s Manor

This historic house, the oldest of this selection, was first built in 1861 and has enjoyed a long and rich past with the city initially as a family home and as a luxury hotel in 1981. The elegant accommodation is established on 82 Bealey Avenue, north of the Central Business District, and provides function facilities and in-house catering for business meetings, conferences, and private celebrations. The house has kept the name “Eliza’s Manor” throughout its lifetime as a boutique hotel and its name was inspired by the character Eliza Doolittle from the 1964 musical-comedy My Fair Lady, headlined by film icon, Audrey Hepburn. Accordingly, the hotel is known for its old-world charm and hospitality, proudly displayed by its grand main staircase leading up to eight quaint suites, an antique guest lounge and a bar attached to a beautiful courtyard.

4. Hotel Montreal

For those who prefer more modern accommodations, Hotel Montreal marries the best of European style with the sophistication of contemporary design. Situated along Canmer Square and perched on the edge of the tranquil Hagley Park, the hotel is only a few minutes walk away from the bustling nightlife of Victoria Street and New Regent Street with their swanky selection of city fashion, retail and culinary options. The Central Business District is also accessible via the popular tram circuit for travelers who want a scenic tour of the central entertainment precinct. The exquisite retreat offers 26 bright airy suites for maximum comfort and its crowning jewel: the Penthouse, fully-decked with its own kitchen island, spacious living room and dining area for private dinners. However, in terms of dining options the hotel’s restaurant, The Polo Bar, offers a rare dip into Argentinian cuisine with its unique sharing plates and cozy indoor fireplace.

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5. Hotel 115

Hotel 115

This contemporary and stylish hotel sits directly on top of the city tram’s tracks, through which the tram runs. Surely, in terms of accessibility and quirkiness, nothing beats a small train running under your hotel. The hotel’s modern interior design gives its eight suites a clean, bright and chic look and feels in comparison with its charming traditional facade. It is also located next to Cathedral Square, the geographical center of the city with its rich culture and history. The boutique also offers complimentary access to Heritage Health Club, a short three-minute walk away, equipped with a swimming pool, gym, and sauna for travelers who want a quick soak in a spa. For those who want the full Christchurch experience, they also provide day tours that range from tours to famous scenic locations such as the Kaikoura Tour for whale-watching to cultural immersion such as the Maori Experience Tour. Not only that, for fans of the famous trilogy, the hotel also offers a Lord of the Rings Tour that brings tourists to Mt Sunday, the filming location for Edoras, the capital city of the Rohan people.

So here are five of the best boutiques for you to enjoy the finer things in Christchurch. With their smaller sizes, the boutiques’ attention to detail and personalized service create their own unique style and atmosphere. Each capture a piece of New Zealand’s distinctive culture and history that allows guests to experience these special moments themselves. The excellent facilities and impeccable service that these lodges offer are also perfect for both business and holiday stays. You can spend a comfortable night in any one of these gorgeous hotels to rest and recharge. Wake up refreshed and ready to soak in the vibrancy and energy of this captivating city!



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