Can My Child Go To A Holistic Dentist?

Can My Child Go To A Holistic Dentist?

Raising a healthy child isn’t always easy. As a parent who is busy and has a lot to do in a little time, how do you ensure that you make smart choices for your child’s health? One of the best ways of doing this is by embracing a holistic approach towards your children’s oral health. Be sure to visit to learn more about holistic dentistry and how your child can benefit from it.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry, also known as unconventional dentistry or alternative dentistry is a medical approach in which the dentist focuses on treating the systems rather than the symptoms. The dentist does this by getting to the root of the problem that is causing the symptoms in the mouth and seeks to eliminate it. Once the root cause has been identified and eliminated your child can enjoy whole-body health and avoid those unnecessary and painful procedures at the dentist every now and then.

Can Your Child Go To A Holistic Dentist?

The answer is yes. A holistic approach to dental care is ideal for everyone both young and old but for children especially, pediatric holistic dentistry is very important. This is because your child’s development can be hindered by so many things including the chemicals in the food they eat or unnecessary medication.

 A holistic pediatric doctor who uses a more natural approach to treat your child’s cavities or gum disease will ensure that your child never has to go through trauma from dental experiences from an early age. Compared to traditional dentists who still strap children on a papoose board and hold them down while the procedure is being done; a holistic dentist is likely to be more gentle and interested in keeping your child away from the dental chair for the rest of their life. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits your child will get after visiting a holistic dentist.

  1. Minimally Invasive Treatments and High Technology
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Holistic dentists use natural and minimally invasive treatments to treat dental problems. However, this does not mean that high tech treatments are not available at the holistic doctor’s office.

 If you are concerned about your child being exposed to radiation, you can rest assured knowing that a holistic dentist will only recommend radiographs when they are very necessary for diagnostic purposes.

Secondly, the digital x-rays used at most holistic dentist’s offices only emit a small percentage of radiation as compared to traditional x-ray films. Digital x-rays are also more comfortable for your child’s mouth and require very little time to identify the problem and give a better diagnosis. 

  1. Holistic Dentistry Uses Non-Toxic Materials

One of the goals of pediatric holistic dentistry is to avoid introducing toxic material into your child’s life. Traditional amalgam fillings used by conventional doctors contain mercury. Even though the FDA approves these fillings as safe, a holistic doctor would recommend the use of a non-toxic and biocompatible alternative such as composite fillings which are not only mercury-free but also look more natural. 

  1. Whole Person Treatment for Your Child

Nutrition plays a key role in ensuring that your child stays healthy and strong. Research has shown that a good diet can stop tooth decay and even reverse the effect of the decay even if it has begun. As a parent, you need to know that what you are feeding your child will affect the health of their teeth and mouth, as well as their overall mind and body. 

A diet rich in sugar will eventually lead to dental cavities. While your conventional dentist may not take time to ask you what your child has been feeding on so that they can give you an individualized treatment, a holistic dentist will take time to look at your child’s overall health and their diet and will give you a more preventative solution so that your child can have the healthiest smile possible. 

  1. Coordinated Treatment
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One great benefit of taking your child to a holistic dentist is the coordinated treatment your child will receive. When your child’s pediatric dentist and orthodontist are on the same team and work in the same office, you are guaranteed that they will coordinate and come up with the best solution for your child’s dental problem. It will also save you the trouble of having to book multiple appointments and receiving different treatments for the same problem. 

  1. Fluoride Free Options

If as a parent you do not wish to incorporate fluoride into your child’s oral hygiene routine a holistic dentist can recommend good and delicious fluoride-free toothpaste that your child will enjoy using at home after the dental appointment.  

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