Top 5 Online Multiplayer Gaming Experiences You Have to Try

Top 5 Online Multiplayer Gaming Experiences You Have to Try

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last thirty years, don’t worry, there’s a single thing that
you can use which will get you up to speed in about fifteen minutes. The internet has rocked the
world in ways we never could have thought possible, so not only can we communicate with
people instantaneously, but we can work, play, and take virtual tours of art galleries from the
comfort of our bathtub (just don’t drop your phone). Maybe it wasn’t a surprise that we would
soon be able to order pizza so easily, but I’m sure a lot of people are shocked (and thrilled that
you can set up a model escorts London experience which just a few clicks of a button.

One of the major places the internet has changed everything is the world of video
games. For years, multiplayer just meant how many friends could fit on your couch, but
over the last twenty years, the prevalence of the online world means there are now
games out there for which the experience of playing with others from across the globe is
more important than any single player campaign.

1. Fortnite

This game pretty much blew up in 2018, and while it doesn’t get the same headline-
grabbing attention it did back then, it is still huge. Part of this is because it is

absolutely free to play (it makes money because you can purchase different uniforms
and gear for your character) and that you can cross-play it on any console or device.
This means that if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can still play alongside your friend if
they have a Playstation, or even a phone. As for the game itself, the most popular form
is ‘battle royale’ where you and ninety nine other people fight against each other on a
massive island, forging for tools and weapons until there is only one person left. And
then you can do a fun dance on everyone’s graves! Despite having assault rifles and
such, it’s cartoony graphics and colourful style means it’s a popular choice for all ages.

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2. Doom (2016)

No longer speaking of a popular choice for all ages, there’s Doom. Now the original
Doom came out in 1993, and it was a pioneer not only in online multiplayer when the
internet was just starting out, but it was also a huge step in first person shooters (where
the entire screen is from the character’s perspective). Don’t forget to add all the pixelated
gore and blood whenever you shot or blew up all the monsters coming to kill you. And
because the premise was stopping demons coming from hell, there was plenty of satanic
imagery throughout. The newer, 2016 version of Doom updated the graphics and playing
mechanics quite a bit, and it was a rip (and tear) roaring success. And once you
conquered all the computer controlled enemies, you could step into the multiplayer arena
and blow other people to smithereens with your fists or the BFG-9000.

3. Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most successful video game franchises out
there, and that’s because they’ve made a point of releasing a new one every fall (with
titles like Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and other dangerous title). Originally these games
had lengthy single-player campaigns where you are fighting enemies in (slightly) realistic
military confrontations all around the world, but over time they started to focus more and
more on the online multiplayer component, because Activision found that this was what
people wanted to do anyway. While realism in video games should always be used with
a big asterisk, the one thing that feels true in Call of Duty is that you will most likely die a
lot because it treats a barrage of bullets or a headshot like what would happen in real
life. Fortunately most death-matches have you re-spawn right away, so when it comes to
the Hindu concept of reincarnation, CoD seems to have hit the nail right on the head.

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4. League of Legends

While most of these games are played just for fun among strangers and friends, League
of Legends is an actual e-sport, where players compete for real money in massive
tournaments that sell out arenas. That should tell you right off the bat how
serious this game is to some people, and how much strategy goes into every move.
It is one five player team versus another, and they control characters with different types
of skills, so that when the battle itself begins, planning ahead is just as important as
being able to mash a button quickly to dispense of your opponents as soon as possible.
Unlike many other popular online games, League of Legends has so much depth to its
strategy that makes each game very unique, and is why it has millions of fans all over
the world, who follow their favourite teams and players just as much as a basketball or
football team.

5. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Like Fortnite, this fighting game is a bit more lighthearted than other ones on this list, but
you will find a lot of people take it just as seriously. The Smash Brothers franchise has
several famous video game characters squaring off against each other, with the one goal
of knocking their opponent off the stage, and the more damage you have the further you
will be knocked off, making it impossible to get back onto the platform. With a bizarre
array of power items and easy-to-change rules, the game can be fun for newbies and
experts alike. It should also be noted that unlike the other games on this list, Super
Smash Brothers Ultimate can only be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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