Want To Earn Some Money Traveling? These 3 Options Might Surprise You

Want To Earn Some Money Traveling? These 3 Options Might Surprise You

They say good things in life don’t come free. Traveling fits that bill to perfection. Most of us would love to do nothing better than to wander the world, seeing new people, places, trying out new dishes and so on. 

But many of us don’t get to do it often, because life, family, and work often get in the way. Even when you get some time to spare, money is often a limiting factor. There are ways to work around it though. 

One option is to save up and the take a year off to travel. Another one would be to earn money while traveling. There are tons of ways to make some money while on the road today. Everyone knows about travel blogging and vlogging, so we won’t be talking about those today. 

Instead, we will be looking at a few left-field options that you probably wouldn’t have thought existed. Let’s see what they are now. 

Selling Things Online

Who says you need a physical store or shop to sell anything these days? Thanks to e-commerce and sites like eBay and Etsy, you can sell tons of stuff online and make a decent living out of it, 

Many folks work out of their garage or home studio, creating arts and crafts. Creating your own stuff might be impractical when you are on the road unless you are a painter or some sort of artist who can lug around their gear with ease. 

But aside from crafting your own gear, have you considered selling interesting new stuff you find in another country? You could scour the local markets and shops for traditional crafts, or even find interesting curios in flea markets and antique shops. 

Who knows, you might even stumble upon something very rare and valuable! Even if that is a remote possibility, you can probably generate a few weekly sales with the right kind of prep work. Having an existing audience online will help a lot. 

You can use your social media profiles to get that up and running. Or, if you already have a seller account on sites like Etsy, that will also do.

Working on a farm

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this could be a great option to get closer to nature and get paid while leading an active lifestyle! This gig sure does tick a lot of boxes. It helps if you are traveling through countries with a rich agricultural tradition, like Italy, the USA, France, Australia, etc. 

In many such countries, farm labor is often in short supply. You can easily find a job working at smaller family-owned farms. They might be much friendlier and pleasanter options than large, faceless, industrial operations. 

Harvesting season is a great time for a traveler to look for farming jobs. With fruits and vegetables urgently in need of picking, you can easily negotiate decent wages. But you will be expected to work hard at it – don’t go in for this sort of thing if you are not in decent physical shape!  

If you are wondering how to find jobs like this, Google is your best friend. Just enter a search query with “fruit picking jobs” and your destination region. If you can find organic and green farm collectives, it would be even better. 

Casino gambling online

Bet this one took you a bit by surprise! After all, gambling is how you lose money in a quick time, not earn it, right? Well, that’s true if you head to a land casino or play at one of those addictive slot machines with coins. 

We are talking about a different beast altogether – online casinos. And before we go further, yes, there are several ways in which you can make a quick buck playing casino games online, and some of them carry a high level of risk. 

Online poker, for instance, is an excellent option if you are good at this amazing game of holding your bluff. Of course, you can’t read other players at an online table, but if your card skills are up to scratch, you can easily win $1,000 or more in an hour or two. 

What’s the catch though? You could easily lose that amount or more if it is not your day. This is always possible if you put down your own money at the table, which is why we recommend no deposit casino bonuses as an alternative. 

You may have heard about folks who use gift coupons and promo offers to save thousands of dollars each year. Using an online casino no-deposit bonus, you can do something similar. Take advantage of these real money opportunities with no cash deposit required as an investment. 

The aim of these bonuses is to encourage you to join the casino, and if you like the free gambling action, probably deposit money and become a regular player. You can use this system to your advantage. 

If you win big using a no deposit bonus, the casino will allow you to withdraw up to $100 or more, subject to certain conditions. That is basically free money you are getting, no risk attached. If you don’t win anything, you can move on to another online casino, no questions asked. 

You may have spotted how crucial a role the internet plays in all the options we mentioned above. If you head online, there are plenty of other viable opportunities to earn cash while traveling. Some other standout options include teaching a language or skill, working as a freelance writer, editor, or web designer, or even working in the movies as an extra!

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