The career possibilities in law are countless, and many view it as a very respectful profession with excellent pay. The legal sector is facing many changes in recent years; this is happening because of the law amendments and new rules. There is a positive career prospect for law graduates with attractive salary packages. Clients always look for potential lawyers with years of experience and good oratory skills. They can work in the courtroom and are hired by law firms to handle their high-profile cases. In this article, you will find what is the scope of the law field. Corporate houses and administrative wings of the society need law graduates to look after legal proceedings. Legal journalists, judges, legal analysts, and legal advisors are some of the posts that regularly hire a law graduate.

Law is a well-known and versatile degree for many students. The scope of the law field is vast, and each post offers the right salary package. With their law degree at the undergraduate and master’s levels, law enthusiasts can work with experienced lawyers at the start of their careers. They also work as legal analysts, civil litigation lawyers, or even document drafting lawyers.

Following are the career opportunities in the law field that can determine its scope:

1. Criminal Lawyer

Defending the criminal cases of individuals, organizations, and entities is the criminal lawyer’s primary responsibility. They deal with theft, embezzlement, and fraud cases and cases of domestic violence also fall into their court. This particular career’s scope is quite vast; the growing instances of crime have put more duties on a criminal lawyer. The essential education requirement for this position is a graduate degree, followed by a law degree. They need a license to practice, and for that, they must pass the bar examination. A detailed case study and investigation are the backbone of this career, and lawyers usually hire a professional legal editor to review, proofread, and edit legal publications. They also work for leading publishing companies that specialize in legal writing.

2. Litigation

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Individuals with a law degree have to pass a bar exam, with admission to a state bar association. The professionals in this field solve cases under the court systems or tribunals. They represent their clients in courts when they are personally unable to attend the hearing of the case. With a specific skill set, they research their issues and carry out analytical reasoning. Litigation lawyers often start their careers by working with senior lawyers. 

3.  Legal Journalist

Legal journalists attend court proceedings to cover a case; they cover crime beats and attend arbitration courts. After passing an exam, they get the license to participate in international courts and arbitration events. The law field is very diverse, and the minimum education need for this post is a valid law degree of the undergraduate or the postgraduate level. Firms encourage the legal journalist to pursue a journalism degree or certification for professional betterment. Legal journalists are now allowed to start their online legal opinion channels. Besides a lucrative salary package, legal journalists have multiple employment opportunities for a legal journalist. The following sectors offer a job for legal journalists:

  1. News Channels
  2. Blogs
  3. Digital Content Agencies
  4. Magazines

These are only a few areas, but aspirants can have more job options in this field.

4. Judge

The post of a judge is a senior position; they preside over court hearings and trials. They check all the investigative records from both parties and follow the rule of law before making a final decision. A bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctorate is a must to become a judge. Those who possess immense experience in the law field have an open chance to avail of this position. They get a state-specific license to practice law, and it means they can practice as a judge only in the specific area written on the permit. Their median salary is comparatively higher than all the other law field careers. Typically it takes around seven years to become a judge.  Skills like critical thinking, reasoning, and decision making are essential to seek a judgeship.

5. Law Professors

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Law graduates can choose their careers as teachers or enroll themselves as a visiting faculty at any university and college that offers a law course. This post’s degree requirement varies from school to school, but a minimum graduate degree in law, politics, and history is compulsory.

6. Jobs At Law Firm

When a group of lawyers offers their service under one name, it is called a law firm. The client base at a law firm is diverse, and you can have access to firm resources. By working at a law firm, you can get good exposure and increase your networking opportunities.

7. Solicitors

A solicitor can guide you about the legal projections. The potential topic of legal help can be anything; companies and businesses need legal consultation frequently, and this is where solicitors step in. Solicitors are free to choose private and commercial clients; drafting the legal document is part of their job. The standard practice course is obligatory with an excellent record in the law exams.


The responsibilities of lawyers are not limited to the chambers and courtrooms. They can work with national and international firms and attend international trial courts after getting a license. Law can vary in every country, but some are universal, which makes it essential for all of us.

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